The man who sculpts Alex O’Loughlin

Alex’s trainer and exercise guru Jeff Blair blogged today about Alex O’Loughlin’s secrets to physical fitness in his post “Lessons from 1 of the World’s 25 Fittest Men”:

Alex O'Loughlin and Jeff Blair.  (Photo: Jeff Blair)

Alex O'Loughlin and Jeff Blair. (Photo: Jeff Blair)

Adopt the following habits of Alex, and your fitness results will dramatically increase.

1. He Brings It Every Time

In 2.5 years, I cannot think of more than a handful of times when Alex did not bring incredibly high energy to our sessions.

When he comes to the gym, he blocks out whatever else is going on.  He BRINGS energy to the session.   I can think of times when he came to the gym with little sleep due to his shooting schedule yet still found energy to make a great effort.

I do not think I have much to do with this trait.  Alex just has the ability to focus and go hard which is probably a big reason he is succeeding in his career.  It may not be possible for everyone to match this great quality, but everyone can learn from it and improve.

When you are in the gym, block out the background noise of life and just train.   Since training hard is great therapy, you will be better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you after a high-energy session.

Read the whole post with all five habits!

This should be number 6 on the list. As you know, all four food groups are mixed in that can. Disappointed, but my heart will go on.


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6 Responses to The man who sculpts Alex O’Loughlin

  1. Merry Blue says:

    Spam has chocolate in it?????

  2. officer808 says:

    Yes! Chocolate that the big ate prior to becoming spam!

    • Merry Blue says:

      That does not count! Pig-processed chocolate is no longer chocolate. (And anyway who would give chocolate to pigs? Talk about pearls before swine.)

  3. hawaiiobsessed says:

    I am pretty sure that his number 6 would be NOT eating spam. Just sayin….. :>)

  4. Amy Denton says:

    EW! What is it about SPAM and Hawaii? I agree with hawaiiobsessed!

  5. RescueWriter says:

    Hmmm. I started working out at the gym back in June and have been despairing my lack of success at seeing any major differences. I’ll have to try incorporating these ideas/tips. 🙂

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