Breaking news: NCIS:LA to do crossover episode with Hawaii Five-0

Daniela Ruah to do NCIS:LA - Hawaii Five-0 season 2 crossover.  (Photo: CBS)

Daniela Ruah to do NCIS:LA - Hawaii Five-0 season 2 crossover. (Photo: CBS)

NCIS:LA actress Daniela Ruah leaked on twitter this morning:

@DanielaRuah Aloha hoaloha! Read my lips closely… Kensi will make her way to Hawaii Five-0 this season! Stay tuned… #H50 #NCISLA

@DanielaRuah If they need me in Hawaii, I will make the effort and fly over there for the sake of solving crime 😉 #H50 #NCISLA

@DanielaRuah Kensi will be heading to #H50 Hawaii-50 in a crossover, not leaving her team on #NCISLA, they are her family…

Michael Ausiello of TVLine confirmed with CBS that the actress will cross from NCIS:LA to Hawaii Five-0, bringing two huge CBS shows together.


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10 Responses to Breaking news: NCIS:LA to do crossover episode with Hawaii Five-0

  1. cherish4 says:

    I love this idea of the two shows crossing over, I just wish more of the NCIS:LA cast were going!

  2. MyMcG says:

    Wow, I’m super excited about this news! Makes sense with the big Naval presence in Hawaii. Although when I first read NCIS crossover, I thought it would be Sam Hanna and Steve doing a secret SEAL fist bump and compare notes from their respective BUDS classes.

    In any case, I’m loving all the buzz and the build up to September! I am actually switching cable providers so I have the right DVR system up and running for the new season! Thanks for the updates!

  3. Margaret says:

    I wonder if it’s going to have anything to do with the charges against Steve from the end of season one, what with him being Navy and all it wouldn’t be totally off for naval investigators to be involved.

  4. Thanks. I just found out about this awesome news. Daniela even tweeted all her fans about her guest star role on Hawaii Five-0. My family loves both H50 and NCIS: LA, never missing an episode every week..

  5. Laurie says:

    I am also thrilled about this, can’t wait for the new season.

  6. I’m waiting to see how it happens…

    by the way, Ausiello is called Michael, not Daniel 😉

  7. Yep it has been confirmed from Lenkov on Twitter as well

  8. platyplus says:

    I really LOVE IT !!!!!!
    LOVE both shows !!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait fot the new season !!! Hawaii Five O season 2 and NCIS:LA season 3 !!!!!

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