Mike Gordon: Peter Lenkov hopes SOTB fans won’t leak the story

Honolulu Star-Advertiser reporter Mike Gordon wrote a great piece on the potential for people to reveal plot twists during the Sunset on the Beach premiere episode of Hawaii Five-0 via social networking.

The ability to instantly communicate with like-minded people definitely adds to the TV viewing pleasure of fans everywhere but the potential to ruin a surprise is just 140 characters away.

Peter Lenkov, the show’s executive producer, admitted to being a little worried. If you live here, though, you’ll love his reasoning.

“There are major twists and turns in the story that we are very nervous about getting out,” he said. “But at the end of the day we have to do this and we want to do it and it is very important that we do it. We feel connected to the island and we want to give something back.”

Lenkov hopes tweeting fans will limit the number of juicy spoilers out of respect for the show.

I personally remember sitting on the beach for the premiere of the second season of “Lost”.  Producer/writer Carlton Cuse closed out his speech by imploring to the audience not to leak any of the contents of the episode onto the internet.  And like a true fan, I excitedly told everyone on the forums the next day that I saw the entire glorious, jaw dropping episode…and told people to sit and wait to be awed.  I didn’t utter a single peep.

Likewise,  I hope the Hawaii Five-0 fans blessed with the opportunity and good fortune to watch this first episode do not breath a word about it on the internet.  This may be wishful thinking, but it needs to be said.  The entire cast and crew – fromPeter on down – have given this gift to us, and I’d hate to see it ruined by overzealous fans.

If you don’t want to be spoiled, avoid twitter and Facebook, at all costs.  It might spare you the heartache of finding out that it was [FAKE SPOILER ALERT] Professor Plum who killed John McGarrett, with the gun, in the study.


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9 Responses to Mike Gordon: Peter Lenkov hopes SOTB fans won’t leak the story

  1. officer808 says:

    Obviously, I was making an attempt at being humorous at the end, but please, please, please, fans at SOTB, no spoilers on the net!

    • Merry Blue says:

      Thank you, officer.
      I second this. I am one of those improbable people who are going to try and avoid spoilers for the whole 9 torturous days. I *really don’t want to know* until I can sit down and watch the whole show through. So please (I’m prepared to grovel), no spoilers. Or at least post lots of warnings. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. Concerned Fan who is not Lucky Enough to attend SOTB II says:

    I hope Hawaii Five 0 fans follow your heed. I find sometimes that some of the fans on Twitter tend to be so excited that they have a piece of spoilerly or gossip that they race to see who can post it first. I fear that the same think will happen when those lucky enough to attend Sunset On The Beach II find themselves in such an envious position. I implore these fans to enjoy the moment, stay off twitter and facebook, and feel lucky enough having been in the company of all the stars and creatives that have put Hawaii Five 0 together to not have to make yourself feel more important by ruining it for the rest of us. Be gracious and generous and keep the excitement to yourself for just one week, so that the rest of the world can enjoy it in time as well.

  4. Kelly says:

    Thanks so much for the info! =) I really plan to stay as unspoiled as possible, so will avoid anything H50 online until I see the episode with my own eyes! 😉 Really really looking forward to this too!!! Only wish I could be there for the premiere on the beach!! Ahhh well, maybe S3 eh? I am hoping to be living in Hawaii by then!!!! 😉

  5. Dee says:

    Which why I will be off twitter,facebook,the internet and possible TV from the 1oth until the premiere on the 19th. ET and the other shows may even “report” and I don’t want to know…(well I secretly do- but I am FINALLY jazzed to see the episode after I had read an earlier spoiler which left me in the dumps!) So to avoid the feeling of dread I am just keeping away and living life as I did in the 80’S?? before instant info!
    Maybe we can try to convince twitter and facebook fans to keep a secret????- but there is always one that won’t listen!

  6. Amy Denton says:

    Oh, man, it is going to be REALLY hard to avoid all the spoilers but I’m going to and I agree with everyone else. If you are fortunate enough to see it before the rest of the world, PLEASE don’t say anything, REALLY! I am one of those torn between being spoiled and not.
    This reminds me of the premiere of The Wizard of Oz. No one knew that when Dorothy opened the door to Oz, the movie shifted from black and white to color. My mother (yes, I had old parents) remembers going to see the movie in the theatre and being totally surprised. At the end, the theatre manager asked everyone there to not ruin the surprise. As far she could remember, no one did.

  7. I watch H50 faithfully and am headed to Oahu with a girlfriend for 3 weeks on 9/11. My hubby has heard 100 times, at least, about my wanting to spot my favs! I would be soooo thrilled to witness a taping but NOT ruin the experience for anyone else. I love the repeats even. Wish me luck? Any hints??? Peke P.S. Any tips on places for a good burger?

  8. cherish4 says:

    I really hope that a lot of the H50 fans that are lucky enough to be there, honour Peter Lenkov’s wishes and keep things to themselves.

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