Midweek: Five-O What’s New for Season 2

Midweek reporter Rasa Fournier sat down with the Five-0 cast a few weeks ago for this great interview that appeared in yesterday’s Midweek magazine.

Alex O’Loughlin:

When you’re watching yourself on “Hawaii Five-0,” how much self-critiquing goes on?

I hate watching it. I walk away a bit fractured after seeing myself. It’s kind of like when you hear your own voice on an answering machine.

Scott Caan:

What’s your ideal fan? Do we say hi or leave you alone?

Everybody complains about being bothered (by fans), but if they weren’t bothered they’d probably go home and be upset. The perfect fan would have a pen and a paper rather than a camera. Because sometimes I don’t have my hair “did,” you know? (laughs)

Lauren German:

Isn’t she a love interest for McGarrett?

I heard that might happen in the beginning, more so than I’m hearing it now. For now, there’s more of a work chemistry and mutual respect between Lori and McGarrett. As an archetype Lori is sort of not a female version of McGarrett, he’s the head honcho but she can really go toe to toe with him. They think in similar ways, really respect one another and they have a good sense of humor with each other.

Masi Oka

Are you as quirky as your character?

I guess with enough booze anybody’s quirky (laughs). With any character you play, there’s definitely a piece of you in that character. It’s just a portion of you that’s really heightened and exaggerated.

Grace Park:

What about Hawaii stands out for you?

I met a bunch of really cool people. Of course you can say the aloha spirit and the landscape that goes without saying but what touched me more were the specific friendships. This island’s a lot of fun during the day and at night. There’s all sorts of things you can do, that was unexpected.

Daniel Dae Kim

What’s your secret to juggling your personal and public lives?

I don’t know if there’s a secret as much as just valuing and appreciating the work that comes with living in paradise. I try and live as normal a life as possible. I have a family here and I want my kids (two boys) to grow up in a normal environment.

Rasa got quite a few good quotes from the stars of the show.  I find it interesting that Alex has a hard time watching himself, which tells me that the guy is probably a perfectionist who’s always looking at how he could have played a scene better.  Lauren’s quote struck me as well- so it looks like she’s an official add-on to the team by the new governor, presumably to keep tabs on them, but not the romantic interest for McGarrett we’ve been led to believe she’ll be.  Masi and Scott apparently play characters who are not far removed from their own personalities.

I loved this interview because Rasa asked quite a few questions that I’ve never heard asked before to the cast, especially about how the stars handle relationships with their fans.

Read the whole interview at Midweek online.


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