Mike Gordon: Daniel Dae Kim gets fans excited about the premiere; gives great life advice

Entertainment report Mike Gordon grilled Daniel Dae Kim on tomorrow’s Sunset on the Beach event in his Outtakes Online (bold emphasis mine):

Outtakes Online: “Five-0” premiere should thrill

Fans of “Hawaii Five-0” are hoping for an exciting, high-octane episode at the season two premiere Saturday at Sunset on the Beach and the word from the set is they won’t be disappointed.

The voice of authority here: Daniel Dae Kim, who stars as Chin Ho Kelly.

“After having seen some of episode one I am expecting certain moments where the audience erupts in applause spontaneously,” he told me recently during a break between scenes.

Daniel Dae Kim. (Courtesy CBS)

The Waikiki Beach venue near the Honolulu Zoo, site of numerous other premiere events, including last year’s “Five-0” unveiling and several curtain raisers for the popular “Lost,” is a perfect setting, Kim said. The outdoor screen also offers a rare opportunity to take something that normally airs in a household setting and give it something much greater.

“There are certain moments that I think are made for a large audience, a communal viewing experience,” Kim said. “I think Sunset on the Beach will take advantage of those moments.”

CBS definitely has a plot-twisting episode for the premiere. According to the network synopsis, Steve McGarrett is in jail awaiting trial on murder charges when Danno arrives with a surprise visitor to help clear his friend of the crime. Meanwhile, their pal Kono gets suspended from the police department pending the results of an internal investigation.

The episode has a full list of guest stars: Terry O’Quinn as McGarrett’s one-time Navy SEAL mentor Lt. Cmdr. Joe White, Larisa Oleynik as CIA analyst Jenna Kaye, Taylor Wily as shave ice entrepreneur Kamekona, Mark Dacascos as the evil Wo Fat, James Marsters as terrorist Victor Hess, Richard T. Jones as Lt. Gov. Sam Denning and William Sadler as McGarrett’s murdered father, John.

Police estimated more than 5,000 people jammed the beach last year. The turnout was so large and the adoration so great, that cast members were stunned. But given the show’s huge popularity, this year’s crowd could be much larger.

That means the possibility of a lot of texts and tweets from an audience watching the show more than a week before its Sept. 19 network premiere. Kim would prefer that the Waikiki crowd not spread any episode spoilers, but he’s a realist.

“It’s something that we all just have to grow accustomed to in the entertainment business,” he said. “You can either chose to ignore it or embrace it. Personally, I acknowledge it as almost a given now, especially with the teenage generation. I choose to embrace it.”

But for those worried about a plot twist leaking out, there is a solution, Kim said.

“Just don’t go on to Twitter,” he said. “Don’t read those sites. No one is coming into your bedroom at night screaming ‘Hawaii Five-0’ spoilers in your ear. And I guess that’s your alternative.”

Daniel is a seasoned veteran of fast paced TV action from “Lost” and the first season of “Hawaii Five-0”. If Daniel says the episode is going to generate spontaneous combustion applause from the audience, this episode is going to be *epic*.

He does give the best advice regarding spoilers as well: if you don’t want to be spoiled, AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA that night!


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One Response to Mike Gordon: Daniel Dae Kim gets fans excited about the premiere; gives great life advice

  1. cherish4 says:

    I hope everyone at SOTB has a great time and enjoys the episode. I however, will be avoiding Twitter at all costs, as I don’t wish the episode to be spoiled for me.

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