Impressions on the Hawaii Five-0 season 2 premiere

Collective oohs and aahs…

A collective gasp!

Fists tightened.

And an even bigger, agonizing gasp!

…and then the iconic opening sequence played.

These were the sounds from the huge audience that assembled at Waikiki Beach for the season two premiere.  Believe me, this episode did *not* disappoint, as it picks up exactly where the season one finale left off.

The Five-0 team is in big, big trouble.  McGarrett is behind bars, Chin Ho seems to have abandoned his teammates, Danny is distracted by his relationship with his ex-wife, and Kono is under investigation.  While we have the entire season to resolve this mess, this episode begins to advance the murder investigation of John McGarrett with the introdution of Steve’s former instructor, Lieutenant Commander Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), who makes a strong debut.

It’s really hard to communicate the amount of excitement that this roller coaster ride of an epiode brought, suffice it to say that gunfights and chase scenes abound.  Surprisingly, there were a lot of laughs in this episode, with season regular Masi Oka stealing scenes.  Finally, just when you think things are back on track, you’ll be shocked at the twist Hawaii Five-0 takes.  Can you stand the wait tll the 19th?!?


As you know, I covered the red carpet at the “Hawaii Five-0” season 2 premiere.  A line of celebrities, cheering crowds, and the flash of cameras made for an exciting and memorable night.  Over the next two days I’ll post photos and interviews with the celebrities.

Thanks for your patience!


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12 Responses to Impressions on the Hawaii Five-0 season 2 premiere

  1. @Websouffle says:

    Great job, Officer! Look forward to hearing how YOUR World Premiere went, too!

  2. Thank you for keeping us in the loop with all the excitements!! I cannot wait for the big opening night……arrrghhhh!!! 8 long days to go……

  3. Linda Stein says:

    Can I wait until the 19th?!? Do I have any choice!?!? You guys are going to drive me insane. You and Wendie and Dana make it sound so incredibly amazing the idea of waiting 8 more days is just excruciating. But you guys are doing a great job of making us even more excited than we already are without giving anything away. Bravo!!.

    So, no, I can’t wait until the 19th but since is seems I am required to suffer for my love for this show I am giving you fair warning Officer! I took off work on the 20th to devote myself to all the blogs. I hope you’re ready for my first LONG LONG LONG review!!!!! 🙂 ❤

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Hey, Linda, be sure to do a review for me, too, since you know everything I think anyway, and I won’t be here to give my own! Say, that way your review can legitimately be twice as long as normal!! LOL!

  4. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Patience? PATIENCE?? You’ve got to be kidding! The “bunch that couldn’t go” were whining all night! But thanks for letting us live vicariously through all your collective eyes! Looking forward to all the updates to come this week, and can’t wait for the “discussions” to begin! Mahalo, Officer!

  5. hawaiiobsessed says:

    I can’t take it!! I want to see it NOW!! Deep breaths, trying to follow AOL’s advice and think about other things….. nope, not working!

  6. Luna says:

    Thanks for the great update! The 19th cannot get here fast enough, but then it will fly by, as it always does, and I will be forced to re-watch the episode over and over, well actually switching between Hawaii 5-0 and Supernatural, like a Ping pong ball. I need a real life. I need to get out of that 6×6 cubicle and have some real time action or I’m going to lose it! lol… 😉

  7. That’s all I wanted to read NOT A DISAPPOINTMENT wahoo!

  8. There’s clips on You Tube of the beginning and end. I just saw the ending and I just went ballastic (yeah in a public place) I knew pretty much all along what was going to happen

  9. Cécile says:

    Looks like it was quite a night ! I wish I’d been there !
    Can’t wait to read you again Officer ! And of course, Sept 19th can’t be there fast enough !

  10. Erin says:

    Darn… I was going to say, “oh you forgot that there were also ________ when something happened”. But I can’t. Don’t want to give anything away!

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