Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, S2 Ep 1 “Ha’i’ole”

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, S2 Ep 1 “Ha’i’ole”

Getting back in gear

Last year’s final episode closed out with the Five-0 team in shambles.  McGarrett storms the Governor’s mansion to confront Governor Jameson in order to clear his name.  But through a surprise twist, Wo Fat frames him for the Governor’s murder.  He’s arrested by Chin Ho who seems to have turned his back on the Five-0 team to join the HPD.  Kono finds herself under investigation for the missing money from the evidence locker, and Danny was on the verge of leaving the island altogether.

How do you top that?

Executive producers Peter Lenkov, Bob Orci, and writers managed to deliver a high paced episode that charges forward and picks up where season one left off.  The first five minutes before the opening credits wowed viewers and guaranteed that we were going to be in for one hell of a ride.

The episode opened beautifully, showing the Five-0 team members coping with the team’s break up in their own way…Kono out on the water, Danny reaching out to Steve’s former trainer Lt. Cdr. Joe White (Terry O’Quinn) and Chin attending the funeral of Governor Jameson.

Cut to Halawa Prison with a swoon worthy shot of McG’s prison workout.   He’s called to the prison yard for a visitor.  But it’s Victor Hesse who appears, striding purposefully out into the courtyard.   The ensuing fight between our hero and the villain left the SOTB audience on edge, and a huge gasp escaped from them as Victor plunged the shiv into McGarrett.

But it doesn’t stop there!  Despite being suspended, Kono gets involved in the investigation.   She manages to kick Wo Fat’s bodyguard’s (MMA fighter Egan Inoue) butt using nothing but leg.  That’s right.  All.  Leg.  With the help of Lt. Cdr. White, she even eliminates the arms dealer with her pistol, but only because he was a few feet out of a proper leg drop.

The episode slowed down only a few times, and with perfect purpose.  McG seeks shelter at Dr. Max Berman’s apartment (played by series regular Masi Oka).  With Max thrown into the mix, the banter has the potential for a lot more laughs. How ambitious are the writers to throw in a Muppet, Star Wars and Star Trek reference into one scene?  Masi channels his inner Egon Spengler and steals the scene with his lines, “Technically speaking Yoda didn’t have telepathic abilities.”

I do have one bone I have to pick; I’m not a big fan of writers fast forwarding the storyline with narration.  I’m talking about  Joe White giving the rundown on the Japanese medal, John McGarrett, Mokoto, all in a span of a few minutes.  I understand that telling a story in 45 minutes requires certain liberties, and this is one of them.  The huge message communicated in this scene is that McGarrett is continually learning things about his father that he never knew.

Father figure

Last season, Steve lost his father, and tracking down the murderer became his sole motivation.  He managed to fill the void of his loss with his sister Mary Ann (Taryn Manning) and his Five-0 ohana.  But the introduction of Lt. Cdr. Joe White into the story adds a refreshing dynamic to the story- McGarrett has gained a father figure to look up to.  The big tell of this new relationship is Joe’s favorite term of endearment for Steve- “son”.  There’s no one better to assume that role than the man who trained McG how to fight and survive.  This season will be interesting in that McG will learn more about his father through the eyes and memories of Joe White, as they both slowly unravel the murders of Steve’s parents.  I have a feeling that White knows more than he’s leading on…

The new Five-0 Ohana

I loved the scene where the newly reassembled Five-0 team and their support members are sitting around the conference table.  This is the new cast of characters for season 2 perfectly framed for us fans…our four main heroes, their informant Kamekona and their newfound friend Max Bergman.  We have yet to meet Lori Weston (Lauren German), but being placed on the team by the Lt. Governor, I have a feeling that she won’t be so welcome to the group at first.

Someone slips off the sheet cover off the magic table, someone else pops the tops off some Kona Longboard lager, they joke around about employment opportunities for Kono, and all seems to be fine.

Well, almost fine.  Kono still needs to face the Internal Affairs investigator (Tom Sizemore), and Danny seems to be distracted by Rachel’s return to Stan.

Speaking of which, one thing that has been bothering me (although I’m not motivated to picketing or petitions just yet) is the sudden and quick explanation about Rachel’s return.  According to Danny, Rachel misjudged the term of her pregnancy, which I interpreted to mean that the baby is not Danny’s, but Stan’s after all.  Danny knocking up his ex-wife who was still married to another man, caused great consternation to many in the fandom, some of whom were very vocal to Peter via the social media.  I myself was neither offended nor disappointed, but just took it to be another milestone in the story, and one more dramatic conflict that the characters needed to overcome.  Not so long ago, a pregnant Rachel thought she was going to escape the island with the father of her child. But having since found out that the baby was conceived with her husband, she does a complete 180 and moves back to the island to work it out with him.  This sudden turn of events may be interpreted as the writer’s attempt to extract themselves from an unpopular story development.  Then again, maybe it’s Danny’s after all…but can the characters and the fandom survive this emotional yo-yo?  All of this is speculative, so we’ll see what happens.

And who would have thought…

In his own words, Victor Hesse said that he was a loose end that Wo Fat needed to tie up, so no one should be surprised that Wo Fat got to him.  But who would have thought that Jenna Kaye was complicit in all of this?

Now before you non-fans of Jenna start high fiving each other on the righteousness of your clairvoyance, consider the following fact.  Would the writers get us so emotionally invested with Jenna, the story of her fiancé, and her cute quirkiness, just to have her be a mole for Wo Fat?  I think it’s got to be a lot deeper than that.  Wo Fat has somehow leveraged something against Jenna, and she’s an unwilling accessory to all of this.  Could her fiancé still be alive, but held hostage by Wo Fat…?

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, “Ha’i’ole”

Despite their best efforts, the braddahs of HPD get easily taken down by Navy SEALS, New York City policemen (“Ho’opa’i”), and hired assassins (“E malama”).

Hawaii is still beautifully saturated in blues and greens!

Did you notice…?

The Honolulu Boy Choir sang “Hawaii Pono’i” the state anthem at Governor Jameson’s funeral.

The primary ingredient of a dirty bomb is lime Kool-Aid.

“Ha’i’ole” is Hawaiian for “unbreakable”, referring to Danny’s pompadour.

Update:  Thanks for all the comments Agents!  I haven’t been able to read through them all, but someone brought this up to me.  How did the video which cleared McGarrett end up  on an SD card get into a locker *after* both Laura Hills and John McGarrett were killed?  Moreover, there’s usually only one key to these kinds of lockers, McGarrett being the only one with it.  Those are the only two people who we know were helping McG?  Hmm….?

Update: Did you notice…?

Mokoto lives on “Pu’u Ikena Drive” which is actually on Hawaii Loa Ridge, between the filming locations of the Bayer Estate (McGarrett’s house) and the Summer Street house (Rachel and Stan’s house).  Lots of McMansions up there.  In the episode, Mount Tantalus (or simply Tantalus) is the given location.

Max’s keychain has a Star Trek “USS Enterprise” miniature.  The sequel to the rebooted Star Trek film franchise is produced by Hawaii Five-0 producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Max’s car is a VW “Thing”, one of the ugliest cars ever made.  “WARP 9” on the license plate refers to the fastest possible speed that a warp drive engine can achieve in the Star Trek universe.  And you’re probably not so shocked that I didn’t have to google that warp information. [NERD POWERS, ACTIVATE!]

Joe White told Chin, Steve and Danny to go after the boat while he “covers” Kono.  That’s the Five-0 equivalent of Velma, Scoob and Shaggy going one way, and Fred and Daphne going the other.  Plus, he didn’t have to run as far or as fast. Win!


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  1. Deb Young says:

    Officer J-Bob, I completely agree w/ your assessment of the Jenna Kaye mess. There is going to be way more to that story!

    • officer808 says:

      waitaminute….maybe Wo Fat *is* the fiance! LOL

    • Val says:

      I’m sorry I’m late on this but I truly enjoy reading your comment – as to the Jenna twist, ok I’m one of the girls who mistrusted her from the start mostly from her suspicious behavior and how odd it was that Wofat knew where to find McG at the Noodle place – anyway so it wasn’t a complete shock to see her driving Wofat away – but I was still shocked to see that I could be right about her. However, she is also CIA….so who knows which side of the fence she’s really on – though the cold look on her face – did u notice her expression tells me that she most likely be working with Wofat to set up McGarrett. But nevertheless it will be an interesting storyline for later.

      As to the question of the video….I’m confused by your question and train of thought. The only reason why McG ended up on the video is because no one knew other than McG’s father that there was a camera in that clock – remember. John was supposedly investigating Gov Jamison…so Wofat never knew that there was a hidden camera in the clock – tho I am surprised that Jenna would willingly hand over the key to McG if she’s Wofat’s real mole she wouldn’t have been so quick to help McG get the evidence that was hidden in the locker unless Wofat’s twisted thinking really is to let McG truly find out what his father was hiding if he dug further into the investigation….

      One other interesting observation was the scene in the office with Gov Jamison, John McG and Wofat – all three in a meeting. I never expected to see Wofat and John McG in the same room though it does make sense why Steve’s father was targeted for murder at the beginning of the pilot. So whatever John found on Wofat – had to really be red hot to get Wofat really murdering Steve’s parents and now he has to also deal with the son Steve. – One other fun thing to mention – did u notice on that same video clip that Wofat hadn’t aged at all…..he didn’t look any different than he normally does….was that an oversight……lol!!! Unless that meeting in the office could have been more recent too before John McG died.

      So much mystery to ponder and I have learnt since the last big shocker finale episode not to take Peter Lenkov and his team of brilliant writers for granted.. They always have something up their sleeve. Great review office 808!!

  2. Linda Stein says:

    Dear Officer! It’s so wonderful to have you back doing reviews of new shows again! I have been sitting here in Philly all day…ALL DAY.. waiting for you and, as usual you did not disappoint. This summer was interminable but your blog was a great reminder of our show and how much we missed it. You kept us going all summer. Much much Mahalo for that! But finally..finally you are back doing what you do best. Lime Kool-Aid…ROFLMAO…God I missed you!!! LOL

    It was a hot spring night in a cabin on a cruise ship when I watched 3 words flash across the small screen TV.. “to be continued”.. It’s been 4 months now and I have watched and re-watched episode after episode trying to fill the void waiting, just waiting for the moment when I would see my favorite show again. 4 months of waiting and wondering how a great show can keep its greatness. Can it get even better? Will it be the same familiar Ohana I have grown to love or will additions, subtractions and reorganization change it? I wasn’t actually too worried about it though. Peter Lenkov and his team have never let me down so far, I saw no reason to think he would now. So, as I sat on my sofa trying my best to get through the dreck CBS likes to call situation comedy, I felt both a feeling of contentment and rising excitement that Hawaii Five-0 was finally, FINALLY beginning Season 2. And, as I suspected from the very beginning, I was NOT disappointed!

    I have to admit that before the powers that be had it removed I watched the first 5 minutes of the episode on the bootleg video from SOTB. Personally it did not spoil a thing for me. Watching it on my computer in a small video window with the odd angle from the cell phone camera and pretty poor sound, it did nothing but whet my appetite for more. My husband actually sat up to watch the show with me. He never did that once during Season 1. He always watched it with me the next day onDemand but he wanted to see this premiere. I think I finally got him hooked! LOL Anyway, I told him to hold his breath that the first 5 minutes were going to blow him away. And, you know what? Even though I had already seen it, seeing it on my big screen TV with the sound turned up I found myself holding my breath too! And all before the wave crash! I still can’t believe it. How the hell were they able to pack so much into so little time? What an amazing writing team this show has. The wave crashed and I was heading to the kitchen for a drink. What was coming next? Yes. I needed a drink.

    What came next was a rousing hour of suspense, tears, humor, blood, guns, boats, car trunks, fights..well, pure Five-0. Ahhhhhhh felt like a cool breeze after a long hot summer!

    The new Governor: I think I am going to like Sam Dennings. Like Jameson he is no nonsense. Unlike Jameson he has no agenda with Five-0. He seems to be a reasonable man. When he found Danny and Chin in the Governor’s office he didn’t immediately jump to conclusions and call security to haul them out. They said they believed there was more evidence in the murder and he took the time to listen to them even though he knew they were acting unofficially. So he is a thoughtful man who listens to reason and makes educated decisions, not rash ones. I like that. He is also a man of principles and goes by the book. He was willing to reinstate the team but under his rules, which are, of course, the law, which Five-0 usually overlooks with reckless abandon. McGarrett and his team must live within the confines of Denning’s “rules” but Denning must also live with the fact that the “rules” tend to blur with lives on the line. If both men can live with that give and take, all should be fine. I think it’s a good thing that “full immunity and means” has been scaled back a bit. There could be some very interesting scenes with Five-0 being called on the carpet by the Governor for some action or another. It should also give Danny some lines to Steve like “you KNOW what he will say” about something Steve has done or is planning to do. Could be very interesting to add that new dynamic to the show.

    Danny and Rachel: Well, it was inevitable that this relationship would not work out I just didn’t think they would kill it so fast. I find it interesting that in the week that Steve was in jail Danny had already told him about Rachel. Having the baby not be Danny’s was the only real option to keep them apart. I always felt that storyline was a last minute addition to the finale just to give Danny some turmoil like everyone else. It wasn’t a fleshed out storyline so it needed to end rather quickly. And Grace absolutely MUST be in Hawaii because Danny will NOT be where Grace isn’t! Having Rachel decide to work on her marriage for the sake of the baby gets them back in Hawaii where Grace needs to be. I suppose the writer’s will just overlook how cold it makes Rachel look that she’s willing to work on her marriage to Stan for the baby’s sake but wasn’t willing to work on her marriage to Danny for Grace’s sake! I also suspect we will go back to the way it was at the beginning of Season 1. We won’t be seeing Rachel or Stan but just Danny and Grace. That works fine for me.

    Victor Hess: How great was it to see James Marsters again? I got a bad feeling as soon as Steve walked out into that prison yard alone and he noticed that all the guards had left. When Victor walked out and I saw that knife (or whatever it’s called) Oh my GOD!!! When that knife went into Steve I literally screamed. But what I never suspected was that Victor was going to be on Steve’s side. If Jameson was the essence of “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” than Victor is pure “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”! He didn’t have a change of heart…he was just trying to save his own skin. He knew that if he killed Steve, WoFat would kill him to tie up that loose end. If he spared Steve, helped him escape and Steve killed WoFat, Victor would be safe. And, of course, at the end when Steve said they had to go talk to Victor, try to get some more answers I knew, immediately that Victor was a dead man. I am actually really sad that we won’t be seeing James Marsters again.

    Joe White: I knew I would just love this character the moment I heard that Terry O’Quinn was playing the part. He is such a calming presence in every scene. Joe White struts around with a sure confidence in himself, an unwavering confidence in Steve and in the team that Steve has assembled. After all, why wouldn’t Steve be good at what he does? “He trained Steve.” “Oh, so it’s his fault.” I also love the chemistry between Alex and Terry, they are wonderful on screen together. And the father/son dynamic between Steve and Joe, the way Joe calls Steve “son”, shows what it might have been like if Steve had been able to spend more time with his father as an adult. Joe filling Steve in on how much John cared about him, how John checked in on him during his training and how, in all the years he’d known him he’d only seen John cry 2 times. When his wife died and when he had to send his kids away. It brought tears to Steve’s eyes and to mine!

    Kono: How sad was it to see her on her surfboard watching as Jamison’s funeral took place knowing she couldn’t be a part of it, or of anything because she’s suspended. But, as soon as she found out Steve was in trouble again she was there for him and the team. Like there was ever any doubt she would be. And the girl can still kick ass. When that goon went to get her out of that trunk my husband, who never says a word during shows said out loud “oh man..bad move buddy”! I just loved “you won’t’re a cop”…BANG…”see a badge??”. I think Kono’s story line is going to rock. It will be great to see how the writers flesh out a more grown up Kono on the outs with HPD just like Chin was in Season 1. And, isn’t it going to be a problem for her when HPD finds out she shot and killed that guy since she’s not even supposed to be out on the street???

    Max: Oh my God…how much do I adore Max?!?!? From the moment he picked up that umbrella as his “weapon” to the compassionate look he gave to an unconscious Steve I was immediately thankful that he will be a series regular this season. His dead pan delivery, his quirky mannerisms and the friendship he obviously feels toward the Five-0 team make him a perfect addition. “ you didn’t come by that uniform in a legal manner, did you?” – “You don’t watch the news, do you?” – “I try not to, it’s very scary.” ROFLMAO And did you see the fun he was having driving the Camaro? A man after my own heart. I would have been blasting the radio too, if I was driving that beautiful car! And as a lifelong Star Trek fan, seeing the Enterprise key chain and the Warp 9 license plate only made me love Max more. And is Danny going to be the Sawyer of Five-0 with the nicknames? Calling Max Kermit….hysterical. Danny is always calling Kamekona something funny. Big guy, Fridge, Shamu….and speaking of…….

    Kamekona: He was everything I expected him to be. Funny, strong and, above all, totally loyal to Steve and the team. When the cops arrived at the shave ice stand all he wanted to know was what Steve’s next move was going to be so he could be there to support him. I hope Kamekona is in every single episode this season. He and Max add some comedy relief that a show like this really needs but they both also show that you don’t need to be an Adonis to be a hero. They are both everyday guys who are important to the plot and to the team. They are both major assets to the show. And I can not wait to see that shrimp truck!

    The Evidence: There was much speculation over the summer as to how they were going to extract Steve out from under all the evidence stacked against him. Some were worried that the writers would just “hand wave” away key points in order to get Steve out of jail fast. Well, Steve took getting out of jail into his own hands (with Victor’s “help”, of course) but the evidence was still there. I think the writers did a good job of going over all the key points to show that they weren’t just going to conveniently forget about them. Danny, Chin and Joe discussed every piece of evidence against Steve and the reason they felt it was solid enough to make it difficult to prove his innocence. As to the hidden camera in Jamison’s office, well, that WAS a bit convenient and maybe doesn’t really make a ton of sense but I’m willing to overlook that because it was the key to getting Steve exonerated and the team reinstated.

    The hidden camera: At the end of the episode we see Danny looking at the tape from the camera and seeing Jamison and WoFat in a meeting with John McGarrett. It planted a seed into everyone’s mind, even Steve’s, that maybe John wasn’t on the up and up, maybe John was corrupt after all. But, I have to ask myself, if John set up that camera in order to catch Jamison at something, he KNEW, obviously, that the camera was there. Why would he sit there in a meeting with Jamison and WoFat? Knowing the camera was there, wouldn’t he have suggested the meeting take place somewhere else? It makes me think that John was not dirty, that he was pretending to be in with them in order to continue his investigation into his wife’s murder. Why would he willingly let himself be videotaped otherwise?

    WoFat and Jenna: I did not watch the bootleg of the last 7 minutes that was online because I knew from Peter that there was a big twist at the end and I didn’t want to see it until I actually watched the show. I am very glad I didn’t watch it because the last 5 minutes of the premiere, like the last 5 minutes of the finale were incredible. Seeing Victor Hesse laying there dead, knowing immediately it was WoFat walking out of the jail in that Corrections Officer uniform was shocking enough but watching WoFat climb into the car and seeing Jenna behind the wheel was absolutely mind-blowing. Many people have been convinced that Jenna was involved with WoFat ever since the scene between Steve and WoFat at the noodle house. I, on the other hand, didn’t want to believe it. Jenna was really starting to grow on me. I liked the camaraderie she has with the team. I like the relationship between her and Steve and I was really beginning to warm up to the idea of her being a semi-part of the team. Like with Max and Kamekona I liked the fact that she was a normal looking person who could fit into the team with her brains. I also thought it would be too obvious for her to be involved with WoFat so the writers wouldn’t go there. But I guess they pulled a bit of reverse psychology on me. They did the one thing I didn’t think they would do and the shock when I saw Jenna in that car is proof they know what they are doing. My mouth is still hanging open…wow! So now what? Is she really working for WoFat? Is she a double agent? Could she be Five-0’s Severus Snape? This is going to be very interesting!

    And, WoFat killed Victor himself. Don’t you find it odd that someone who is supposed to be so powerful would do the dirty work himself. I mean, WoFat killed Jamison himself too. Why doesn’t he use someone else for these jobs? Isn’t he too important to do the dirty work himself? He has hired muscle, as he showed with Kono. Why does he get his own hands dirty??? Could it be he’s not as high up in the power game as we think?

    Steve and Danny: The most worrisome thought over the entire summer was how the relationship between Steve and Danny was going to be written? Would Steve be hurt and crushed that Danny was planning to leave Hawaii? Would the bromance be in tact? Would they be their old selves? No worries mate … everything is fine! We’re not 2 minutes in when Steve is joking with Danny about not wearing his tie! We are home people…Five-0 is back! The love these men have for each other is palpable. They are truly brothers through and through no matter that they are not blood. Danny bursting into Max’s house, indignation flying in all directions at Steve proves it. You don’t talk like that to people you don’t care about. Acting the way Danny does takes a lot of energy and you simply do not waste that kind of energy on people you don’t care about. The more energy expended the deeper the feelings for that person. Danny loves Steve…period! And the feeling is very very mutual. Did you see the way Steve was looking at Danny when they were in Max’s car talking about Rachel. Steve could FEEL Danny’s pain and he was feeling it too. That’s why Danny was saying “don’t look at me that way” because Danny could see his own pain reflected back through Steve’s eyes and it was too painful to see it magnified like that. These men would go through fire for each other. It is a beautiful thing to see. And to top everything off, to show that we are really, finally and truly home where we belong on a Monday night…we got our first official “Book ‘em Danno”. I was literally jumping up and down in my seat!!!

    I am also now thoroughly convinced that Steve McGarrett is not human! He’s stabbed in the gut, and all the talk about not hitting vital organs aside, that HAS to hurt like friggin’ HELL! It sure looked completely gross and disgusting and life threatening to me. But he still manages to take out 2 guards and jump out of a moving ambulance, run God knows how far, scale an 8 foot fence, do some of his own wound care (if you can call it that), take out ANOTHER cop, steal his car AND break into Max’s house before he finally collapses on the bathroom floor. Then he wakes up on Max’s couch shirtless and looking totally HOT. The man simply takes my breath away…I can’t help it! He simply cannot be real!!!

    Well, it was a excruciatingly long, hot summer but we finally made it though. I haven’t typed this much since the S1 finale. Feels good to be back in more ways than one. As usual I went on for far too long but, be patient with me, it’s been bottled up for four long months. It was inevitable that I’d run off at the mouth. It just feels so good to be home! ALOHA NUI LOA to you all!

    • MyMcG says:

      Hi Linda, I agree with so much of your post, it’s like I’m talking to myself! I love your assessment of Lt. Gov. Denning. Only thing that leaves a question mark for me about him is that if Jamison picked Denning as her Lt. Gov. Could he also be crooked in some way? So far, he’s only shown himself as a reasonable man, but at the beginning, we suspected nothing of Jamison, either.

      I didn’t love where the Danny/Rachel thing was going last season, but I also thought the tie off on that thread was a little too pat. The whole thing just ruins Rachel for me, and like you, I would be fine to see more Danny & Grace this season but not anymore Rachel or Stan. Think about poor Grace and the roller coaster this must have put her through. Rachel tells her, we’re going back to New Jersey and your dad is coming with us and we’re going to be a family again (the ultimate dream for most kids of divorced parents) and then a week later have that undone and being taken back to Hawaii. And as much as I didn’t like the whole Danny & Rachel arc, I was almost giddy for Danny to see him so happy that episode where Steve catches him at the hospital w/ Rachel asleep in his arms. Now all that’s been yanked away, too. Danny’s tortured state over this is so visible, especially to Steve – I totally agree with you, I loved the meaningful looks through the rearview mirror.

      As far as super-human Steve leaving you breathless, I mean, how can I disagree with you there? He was also giving chase at full-speed and jumping between speeding boats with a freshly bandaged shank wound – and you know that thing needed more than a couple band-aids!

      Last thing I want to say in response to your comments is about Max Bergman. I laughed all the way through every scene he was in, starting with his reaching for that umbrella as a weapon against whatever menacing force might have broken into his house. He was quirky and entertaining last season, but looks like they are already starting to give us more little things to love about him as a more developed character. I just hope the writers continue to keep him just on this side of adorkable without going too far.

    • Dee says:

      OMG Linda I can’t believe I overlooked the Severus Snape analogy!!!! Brillant!(my fav book series EVER!) WOW- makes the wheels turn in my head. But I think Jenna was bad from the get go and all her ‘querks’ are covers. But we shall see

    • officer808 says:

      Well said! Love the run down of all the characters. I don’t have an opinion of the LG yet, but we’ll see.

    • Val says:

      Hey Linda – love your blog and review – so awesome. I feel like I’m talking to myself as I read through every excited line. That’s practically how I truly felt watching, with open mouthed awe. I truly want to thank you for your assessment of John and I totally agree that if he was guilty of anything – he wouldn’t be present in that room knowing that camera was running. I almost forgot about it for a sec but one thing always comes to mind is when Steve met that Japanese friend of John’s who requested that John investigate all the corruption going on in HPD – when he reached out his hand to Steve from that wheelchair and Steve respectfully offered his hand out of respect, it made me tear up when that man grabbed hold of Steve’s hand…clearly the man was very fond of Steve’s father too…and when he told Steve that his father did everything he could to protect the family…I think Steve needed so much convincing of that – and it feels so real to know that Steve too worried about Wofat’s awful comment for him not to look into his family affairs since he would not like what he found. The look of fear and uncertainty on Steve’s face when he confided in Joe White nearly made me cry too especially when Joe told Steve that his father called him every week to make sure his son was safe and that he only cried twice….once because of his mom and the second when he sent Steve away at 15. I just looked at the tv and said your dad loved you so much Steve, so damn much. Steve so wants to believe his dad’s not dirty but I think despite the fact that he wants to believe his father’s not dirty…I’m sure that if he’s father was dirty it would hurt him terribly hard. Alex is soo good at tugging on our emotions.

      Oh and I loved that scene when Danny and Joe walked into H50 HQ through the red tape to see Lt. Kelly waiting for them. Chin was just sooo amazing and tho Danny was a bit annoyed with Chin…he soon realized that Chin was on the same side and when he said to Chin “you my friend are a ray of sunshine today, but its good to see you” – it felt so good to know that all was going to be right with the team. I especially loved how Chin tackled Wofat’s guard and took the wallet – the smile on his face was so reassuring to know that this team is not going down without a fight……sooo awesome having them back with Kamekona and Max together in one room…..priceless….love that Max took care of Steve – when Steve woke up to Cmdr. McG….hearing the weary voice say “the least you can do is call me Steve after taking care of me…that was sooo sweet.

      It really saddened me to hear Steve say sadly and so gently with an apology for the break in of Max’s place since he had no where to go!! I felt like saying here….I would absolutely risk taking in a fugitive like Steve – and suffer the consequences for it….anyday!!! You know what is also nice is that Steve never ridiculed Max for being a dork…lol!!

      • Linda Stein says:

        I know…when Steve said that “I really didn’t have anywhere else to go” it just broke my heart. He always feels like he is so alone in the world. It’s really kinda sad. He DOES know he has his team…his Ohana…but he always seems to revert back to that solitary mindset. It was so good he thought to go to Max.

  3. Katherine L says:

    The one thing in the episode that bothered me was the relationship between Steve’s dad and Lt. Cdr. Joe White. At first, I got the impression that White and McGarrett Sr. had never known each other much less met – White was just Steve’s military commander, period. But when White said that he’d seen McGarrett Sr. cry only twice (once when his Steve’s mom died and the 2nd when he had to send Steve away), it suggests that White is, at the very least, a family friend. Steve was 15 when he was sent away, way before he joined the military and ultimately met up with White. Odd coincidence that Steve manages to get a commander he knows personally.

    Interesting theory about Jenna Kaye. Is she doing this against her will? Something about her character seemed off-putting to me, so yes, the end was very validating. But the shots we see of her in the episode show that she seems to be pursuing the investigation (e.g. when on her laptop, alone, in a coffee shop). But White seems suspicious of her so that’s something (“What’s your stake in all this?”). Kaye seems to be very sincere about her story – she never strays from it, and never clams up about it, so there’s something going on. Is she a double-agent perhaps?

    Glad they cleared up the Danny thing a bit, but still ticked they put his character in a position where he was making love to his ex-wife. His saving grace is that Rachel is the wishy-washy one – one minute she knows what she wants and then changes her mind the next. Leaves Danny because being married to a cop is unsafe, creates instability, etc. Gets with Stan who has his own issues, goes back to Danny, gets pregnant, then back to Stan because it’s his not Danny’s. Rachel messes up men’s minds! After all this, Danny’s got a solid case for a sole-custody hearing.

    Lots more I could ay here, but I’ll save it for future episodes. Fingers crossed they keep the hits coming!

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha and thanks for your input! In certain military circles,special forces being one of them, the community is really, really small, so it’s not a stretch for people to have only one or two degrees of separation from each other.

      I think Jenna may even be a triple agent 😉

      • The look on Jenna’s face while she whisked Wo Fat away from the prison said more than words. Good on the “BIG boys” and Larisa as they have put more questions than answers on her character with just a second on camera! I also agree that there’s more to White showing up now than we know. He knows more, he’s into more and I think it may be part of the arc for the whole season. Look out for a crazy Season 2 cliffhanger! Thanks 808 for the great rundown! U’r awesome!! 🙂

      • Linda Stein says:

        I agree Catherine. When he was in the motel room with Jenna he KNEW about that car bomb she had a picture of that book. He said..”The car bomb in (don’t remember the name)..that was WoFat?” Jenna said “You know about that?” Joe replied “You could say that”. Now, WHAT does that mean? He didn’t say “yeah, I’ve heard of it” or something like that. “You could say that” says to me he was involved in it somehow. He either knew the victims, or maybe he was part of the investigation or something. But he definitely knows more than what we’ve seen. He is going to be a very very interesting addition to this show.

        I just really hope that he is the good guy he seems right now. I can’t bear the thought that everyone Steve has ever trusted betrays him. Except for Five-0 of course!

  4. merlin shimada says:

    gotta watch it ,, to many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the soup………….
    danO needs to dump that floosie x-wife…. next she goin say the new kid is from wo fat…and she get da,,,, nah,,, nuff on that…..
    they jus getting carried away with characters either mad max or da shave ice guy…but they can add the csi girl ,, that wud B good…..then they can dump that cia flunkie….
    getting to silly,,, come on way to many comedies already…. if this is the way it’s goin to B I may have to jus watch the old 5-0…

  5. Tatum says:

    Well well I was with my jaw on the floor with so much actions going on. But, one thing that I still don’t get is why there are some direction’s mistakes or whatever they are called. First, how is that, that we can’t see Wo fat’s face, but, We can see the magarret’s father face. when the is setting the camera? And later when we see wo fat and magarret’s father stretching a hand?! And also, how many hours have been passed, after mcgarret’s father put that camera? where on earth exist that kind of device capable to record that many hours? years?

    Then, when Kono is taking pics from the guys when they are ready to go to the boat. I don’t understand. She is taking the pics from the drivers seat but when we see the landscape there is no car between Kono and the guys, like if she was on the back seat. but if that is true, how she can take pics so easily with not being notice at first?! that’s ridiculous. Because if you can see there are cars between Kono and the guys, but if she is on the driver’s seat she can’t take pics of the guys there would be cars impeding her to take pics. Do you understand me?

    Later, that is something that even on movies happens. How is that, that the officer’s uniform fits on macgarret? when the officer is thin and Mcgarret is totally the contrary.

    Why those things happen?!!! I hate that,because that is a minus in how great the episode can be.

    Also, how is that, when Wo fat kills the blonde guy ( I Forgot the name) there is no inmate there??!!! how is that, the the prison is so alone? not just that, no guard around?!

    And also, how is that that Mcgarret is allowed to get out to take some air?! if she is a danger person how they leave him alone. more that, with no more inmates.

    Anyway, after all the episode was so freaking great, but I don’t like the above mistakes!

  6. lainiek says:

    I took a lot of flack last season for not wanted Danny and Rachel together and not feeling the romance. Danny said it best himself last night when he said that it didn’t work the first time, what made him think it was going to work this time. And it didn’t because Rachel is all about what works best and is easiest for Rachel at that moment.
    I knew last season that Jenna was Wo Fat’s mole, but also suspect he is holding something over her and agree her fiance is related.
    This 1st ep felt light and moved at a wonderful pace. The jokes and humor were fresh and refreshing. Glad to have H50 back on Monday nights and Officer 808’s recaps back in my email. Mahalo! 🙂

  7. Beth says:

    Officer 808,I’ve been checking your site on and off all day. I was really looking forward to reading your review and enjoying your keen insights and witty observations. You did not disappoint. I look forward to another season of reading and sharing all the various viewpoints and opinions with our 5-0 family. Great review Linda as always. I agree with you about Max, Kamekona and Danny as the new Sawyer LOL.

    I loved the first episode. Even though I was fortunate enough to attend SOTB (sunburn on the beach!) there were things that I missed and now I have “the rest of the story”. It was a great pleasure meeting you, Wendie, Lisa and all the other 5-0 fans. I very much enjoyed Bruce’s location tour and all your funny comments, I had a great time and a wonderful visit to Hawaii. Thank you for your kindness when I felt a little carsick, your suggestion helped. I look forward to attending again next year if I am able. Mahalo Nui Loa

  8. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Loved the episode. The boys choir was wonderful. I want to go sit on a surfboard where Kono was, just stunning scenery!
    Max was very funny.
    I didn’t like how they dealt with the Rachel story. I didn’t think it matched up with what happened before. She was in such a hurry to get off the island and take Danny with her, it doesn’t add up.
    I was wondering about the camera as well. How much recording time was on that thing! I know they take licenses and to let some of that stuff slide but….
    Also as to how the fastforwarded the story line…. how did Capt. White know all that stuff?
    Must be more to the Jenna story.
    So glad they are all back, I was on the edge of my seat. Glad you are back as well Officer!

  9. Sammie says:

    I always look forward to your snarky “Things We Learned” posts after episodes. I’d pay to see someone call Danny’s hair a pompadour to his face. 😀

    I enjoyed the premiere, not the least because Grace Park firing shots at a bad guy while handcuffed just reminds me of the awesomeness that was (one of) her “Battlestar” characters. I love Kono. 🙂

    The episode did have too much oral exposition, as you said – Joe White and the McGarrett case and then with Rachel. What puzzled me: it’s only one week since the season 1 finale, and Rachel – the same one who procrastinated in informing Stan about her and Danny – flew to New Jersey, figured out she misjudged her pregnancy term, reconciled with Stan, made plans to fly back (or has already flown back) to Hawaii, and then informed Danny of all of this…in one week? She had a busier week than her ex.

    I will miss Victor Hesse. At least we still have Sang Min.

    Right now, I don’t think Jenna’s dirty. While it isn’t right to help someone kill a murderer in jail, it’d be worse if she’d driven Wo Fat to commit terrorism against innocent civilians. If she’s undercover for the CIA, she can easily say that she’s doing something to keep her cover without endangering innocents. After all, she did hand over the key which located the chip which found the tiny hidden camera which exonerated McGarrett.

    What makes me sad: as a non-fan of Jenna, I’m now apathetic – I don’t care if she’s a villain or a good guy, I don’t care if her character lives or dies. “H50” usually makes it fun to watch the villains (Hesse, Sang Min) and gives us lovable good guys (Kamekona, Max). With Jenna, however, I just don’t want her Mary Sue-ing up the screen, solving everything, and thus taking time away from the Four. (Yet a couple weeks ago, I watched Larisa Oleynik’s “Psych” episode, in which she plays a Goth sister to Joshua Malina’s “I think I’m a murderous werewolf” brother – and she and the others had me in stitches. I just don’t get why LO’s Jenna is tanking with me.)

    As for the lime-Kool-Aid-colored dirty bomb: that anthropomorphic pitcher mascot bursting through walls to make Kool-Aid really creeped me out as a kid, and now I know why.

  10. Saraqael says:

    I was so happy to see Jenna Kaye with Wo Fat. I want her to be 100%, irredeemably evil. Bad to the bone. It’s the only way that this character will ever be remotely interesting to me. All last season I kept waiting for her to be revealed to be a mole. If it turns out that she’s being blackmailed or working some independent, deep undercover gig in order to try to catch Wo Fat on her own or … whatever other nice explanation you can come up with for her presence in the car with Wo Fat, I’ll be so disappointed. Right now, everybody on this show is so true-blue wholesome and good that it boggles my mind. I might be in the minority, but I hope that it turns out that McGarrett Sr. wasn’t quite the saint that Steve has always thought he was, too.
    On the other hand, speaking of wholesome and good, how much did Masi Oka rock in this episode? I’m so glad they added him as a series regular. Max is delightful.He’s going to be fun to have on the show.
    My favorite line (among many) was Steve’s, “Why are you yelling at me?” hahaha!
    Most implausible plot development belong’s to the sudden reveal that Stan is the father of Rachel’s baby, not Danny. What? It was bad enough that the writer’s sprang the whole, “I’m pregnant, it’s yours, you must come with me back to New Jersey this very second!” nonsense in the S1 finale, but this switcheroo is just silly. It made Rachel look stupid and conniving. I guess TPTB realized that they’d written themselves into a corner and decided to drop the storyline so that Danny was free to mope and focus on his bromance and carguments and new love interests.

  11. did anybody notice the boat they were on is the same one that was on Lost? When I noticed the name on it “Searcher” I knew instantly that it was featured in Lost

    • Beth says:

      Nardia, they also used the Searcher in the episode where Chin Ho has the explosive collar on. He was captured on the Searcher.

  12. @WEBsouffle says:

    yes, I noticed that about the boat Nardia, “die-hard Lost Fan” that I am!!! Great post and comments Officer! Glad we’re all back in the saddle!


  13. Mary Jane says:

    Great to see you back, Officer 808 and all of you, I too have been waiting to read this.
    I couldn’t help a little high five about Jenna as I thought she was a plant, although that might still turn out to be wrong. I really enjoyed the excitement, humour and drama of the episode. I was also pleased to see that the relationship between Steve and Danny is still big in the show. However I’d have loved to see Danny’s first visit to prison where he tells Steve about Rachel. I also would have liked some more angst from Danny about a difficult decision between leaving Steve and Hawaii and Rachel and a new baby, as someone else said it was all paid off a bit too quickly. At least there’s room for Rachel to mess with Danny’s head a bit more and that’s always good to watch!
    I agree that the camera was a bit convenient and I was concerned about how roughly Danny was treating it!
    I’m glad they haven’t resolved the Kono story yet.
    Max was great.
    It was going to be hard to match up to the season finale but I feel it did.

  14. Dee says:

    Officer Bob so great to have you back! We agree on so much!
    Now there were 14 comments by the time I started writing my thoughts- I am sure there will be 30 more before I even hit post here. I do promise to read them all 🙂
    Danny and Rachel:
    Reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly??? yes I am a fan- which is not the popular vote on twitter and here. However on radio show around finale Peter commented it was well received story arc. Other places on the web there are fans commenting and shipping.A reporter at the beginning of shooting commented/asked Scott that people were pulling for them- However after a season of wishing looks between the two characters, a rush to the finish “coupling” the arc is dissolved in seconds???reallllly? The “miscount” is as lame as “it was all a dream” to get rid of an arc. So disappointed in the writing on this. (psssssssssssst Castle used the “dream” excuse so is that why you went with “miscount?”) I get why it was done but so lame. Unless Peter and his team have something else up their sleeve(miscount can go both ways) they really resorted to the cookie cutter oh ex wife bad…I am single cop have to sow my oats…there is no happy marriages or reconciliation…. Maybe it is sheer idiotic that I hold out for the couple or that the writers have Rachel still pregnant? and on the island? Come on Peter and crew show us that you are not cookie cutter writers!

    Agent K- was not shocked on this because of few of us SCF on facebook ,girls had discussed just that arc for some time. Where and how it was presented was fantastic! I did shout at the tv when the camera panned over! Very interested to see how long it is before the rest of the team figures this out.
    I will miss James Masterson- love him and the character but we may see more of him in flashbacks

    Kono – have a question on this. Why is it that Kono is only being charged, when Steve was the other team member in heist. Actual they all knew but Steve was physically there. And Kono is the only one still being investigated. Again I “get” why she is out of team and see all the potential of story arc with her as a rogue cop- or undercover for IA etc etc but I think Steve not being charged on the heist is a big loophole and wonder whether the writers will deal with this later.
    My investgator husband was floored that they reinstated them all on the spot and on the first episode. Hey we get your on a time table but we the fans could of held out for next episode and it would of been a bit more believable IMHO.

    Chin is really stepping up and out- LOVE it. Alot of fans asked for more Chin and Kono- Peter and team I commend you and you did not disappoint.

    Joe- Love the character love the whole way the father figure is going to step in for Steve. So many possibilities just brilliant! Question though- how did Danny find him-know of him etc? Would of liked a few seconds answer on that- (hey you gave D/R a few seconds! You could of squeezed a second on that??) I agree Officer that White knows more than he says… or doesn’t say!

    But the best part of the show was Max OMG OMG brillant- brillant can’t wait for more!

    Need to read the other comments now!

    • Linda Stein says:

      “Why is it that Kono is only being charged, when Steve was the other team member in heist. Actual they all knew but Steve was physically there. And Kono is the only one still being investigated.”

      The reason it’s only Kono is because little old auntie saw ONLY Kono and she is their only witness. HPD knows the locker was broken into, and they have an eye witness who places Kono at the scene. Steve had already descended into the man hole before auntie got there and auntie had hobbled away before Steve came out so she never saw him. Unless Kono tells HPD that Steve was also there they have no clue about his role in the heist!

    • Kayse says:

      I didn’t want Rachel to be pregnant at all – not with Danny’s child or Stan’s. I was hoping for more of storyline that Wo Fat was involved somehow – blackmailing or forcing Rachel to get Danny out of town – to turn against Steve — something along those lines. It would have gotten Rachel (and Grace) more involved in the show.

      Now, the premiere w/ regards to the D/R storyline: WTH??? The “miscalculation” was an extremely lame excuse and to resolve it during a caragument? What a shame!! If they wanted to stick with the “miscalculation”, Peter and the writers totally missed an incredible opportunity for a dramatic and emotional scene between Danny and Rachel. Can you imagine the scene with Rachel telling Danny that she is pregnant with Stan’s child after all?? Oh, I would given anything to see how Scott would have played this!! Those gorgeous blue eyes filled with tears, his facial expression of hurt and sadness. I’m so disappointed with Peter and/or the writers for this gross misstep!

      What I would like to see with Danny is that he is so angry and hurt that he rebels. He gets really into the whole Hawaii / Aloha scene and his job. He’s cocky and struts his stuff from woman to woman, acts like the Top Cop that he is but deep down inside he longs for Rachel.

      Oh, do you want more feedback on the premiere? I’m sorry, I’m so into Danny :)!! Will write more later.

      • lainiek66 says:

        @kayse…. wait…there was storyline decides stuff that involved Danny and Rachel? 😉 Must go back and rewatch 😀

        U and I are one and the same babe. For us, is the Danny and the rest of the crew ….and yes would have loved scene where he finds out not his baby and how he reacts.

        Also, as some peep have pointed out: in sneak peek scenes, McG says Danny looks worse than him. But in ep Monday night, line is removed. What up with that?

      • lainiek66 says:

        make that besides not decides. argh.

      • Dee says:

        @Lainie I thought that was just me!! the line you look worse than me was abesent for sure!!!!

      • awesomefan says:

        Yes, I noticed that too. D:”Why are you smiling?” S:”‘Cause you look worse than I do” was one of the promos. I think they went with S:”Cause you are not wearing a tie.”

  15. Dee says:

    @Linda all true , Yes Auntie only saw Kono but how could Kono”steal” the money if she was there talking w/auntie? IA gotta know she has an accomplice- and true they may not know it was Steve. I just got the feeling that they are “targeting” Kono but forgetting the partner in crime?? I am sure we will see much more on where this is all heading next wk.

    • MyMcG says:

      You’re right, auntie’s ID puts Kono at the scene, but its only circumstantial for now, which is why Kono has been suspended and is under investigation, but my understanding is that she hasn’t actually been charged with anything. The bigger question for me, if you want to nit-pick that much, is, how based on auntie’s tip, they narrowed it down to Kono at all to ask her to appear in the line up.

      The serial numbers from the burnt money lead to a closer look at the inventory from the asset forfeiture locker – and they figure out the (replacement) money sitting there doesn’t match what was supposed to be there. They line up the fact that what the little auntie saw could be a possible access point to the locker and they can probably tell the locker has been entered in that way recently, but how from auntie’s description of a pretty Asian girl in Hawaii do they narrow it down to Kono? At some point it seems they figured she must’ve been a cop for IA to have gotten involved, but what leads to that conclusion? That’s what I wanna know. But they’ll explain when we see the conclusion to this chapter for Kono, but I have a feeling it might be one of those things I have to accept I may never get a satisfactory answer to.

      • Linda Stein says:

        That’s a good question. Let’s take it step by step and see if we can follow a possible train of thought in HPD’s investigation.

        1) they find the burnt money and through the serial numbers discover it’s from the asset forfeiture locker.
        2) they discover that the locker has been broken into and they see the metal floor grate has been opened and the locker accessed through an underground tunnel that leads to the street.
        3) they check police records to see if there have been any reports of suspicious activity around the access point on the street and discover that there was a report of a un-marked “water truck” at that location. They find in the report the name of a witness who reported a pretty young Asian women lurking around the man hole. No report of any one else seen at that time. The young women was not identified.

        At that point they would have had to use some deductive reasoning. Who knows about that locker? When Chin had the bomb around his neck he told the others about the locker and said very few cops know about it. So if few cops know about it than, more than likely, civilians don’t know about it either. So the Asian women was either a cop or found out about the locker from a cop.

        But since few cops know about the locker, they need to think about who does know about it. The personnel responsible for it would know. The brass would know. And the family of Chin Ho Kelly knows. It was just discovered and an old case resolved that Chin’s uncle stole money from the locker and Chin took the blame. And Chin has a cousin who is also a cop AND is a young Asian women. Probable cause to bring her in for questioning and a lineup with the eye witness. They may or may not even think that she had an accomplice. I mean, there was no actual physical strength needed for that break in. All the equipment Steve used could just as easily have been used by a women and once they narrowed it down to Kono, they KNOW she is more than capable of taking care of herself and doing anything the men can do.

        My question is more to the resolution of this. The video that cleared Steve of Jamison’s murder should also have recorded the fact that Jamison knew about the missing money and replaced it. Five-0 was still covered under her FULL immunity and means at the time the money was replaced so, theoretically, by replacing the money Jamison covered their butts. But it seems IA is still going after Kono. It could be that, like Uncle Keako just because the money was replaced doesn’t absolve her from actually taking it. So while she may not be criminally charged with stealing it she could still be fired for unethical activity.

    • Val says:

      In response to Linda’s comment about nosy “auntie” – have a feeling they will find something on her. Secondly just to add to everyone’s thoughts after the confession on the tape that says Gov Jamison admittedly covered up for H50 by returning the money and she did what she needed to protect Steve – surely that would tell everyone that Steve must have some involvement with the money that will put him in hot water too. However they will have to find a way to wiggle out from under this when Steve is able to explain about Chin’s kidnapping and that they did what they needed to do to save Chin’s life. Also wonder if Steve will be able to prove that Hesse through the money into the pit. Wonder how all that burnt money is going to exonerate the team….

  16. Tess. says:

    I really liked the episode, but there are two things that are bothering me: First, the hidden camera: it worked for over a year? it recorded an entire year? (are you kidding me?) where does that data went? to what computer?
    Second: how in the world is that Kono can still kill a guy being off duty?
    And third (yes, I forgot one): Steve (although innocent for the governor murder) still attacked several HPD officers and paramedics. And oh, yes.. he escaped from prision. No consecuences for any of that?

    • Excellent questions! And I have one more…

      Did they play the *entire* McG-Gov dialog to the Lt. Gov? Because–hello!–McG and the Gov discuss the missing money! You think that might get IA’s attention…

      I suspected Jenna when she showed up with the tape of Sr McG–it is the only piece of evidence from the Champ box that was not recovered via the stuff in the Gov’s house. But it is confusing that she seems to be helping 50, so it will be interesting to see where the story goes.

      Agree with other posters that this episode moved lightning fast.

      Dislike Rachel even more for yanking on both Danny and Stan’s chains, and wish too that they had allowed it to be played as an emotional scene.

      Love the bromance, Masi/Max, Joe White (how he calls McG “son”), and Kamekona.

      Will miss the Gov and Victor Hess.

  17. awesomefan says:

    Officer 808, thanks for another brilliant and insightful analysis! I am almost always in perfect agreement with you and the bonus for me is that you always find an angle to the storyline that I had not considered. This weeks new angle for me is that Jenna is being blackmailed by Wo Fat. Now that would be an excellent twist to the story! I have never liked her character and have stated on this blog that I would LOVE to see her go down in royal fashion, maybe even at the hands of Danny. When she appeared as the get-away driver I sprung up from the couch, pointed at the screen and yelled “I KNEW IT! I HATE YOU!” I think I scared the daylights out of my husband, as I am usually rather even tempered. LOL!

    I agree completely on your opinion of writers fast forwarding the storyline with narration. It did seem a little awkward, but like you, I chalked it up to them moving the story along in 43 or so minutes. I think they have bigger fish to fry and wanted to just-get-this-out-of-the-way and set up for something more interesting. One detail that bugged me was the hidden camera explanation. Where was the feed being stored? Steve’s dad has been dead for a year or more and that must be one hell of a microchip in that camera. Plus, it would show Steve breaking into the Governors antique desk, “without a warrant” as Danny reminded us in the S1 finale. Ruh-roh.

    One last quick thing. I LOVED how the writers took the time to explain how they could have found GSR on Steve even though he didn’t fire the weapon, and explained how the taser marks could have been mistaken for injuries incurred earlier in the day. I think it shows that the writers are reading this blog and other blogs and are going to step up their attention to detail. The Five-0 fans are a sharp and sophisticated group of TV watchers who are craving a high caliber of writing. S2 ep1 did not disappoint and I think we are going to see some fascinating story lines because of this.

    • Kimmer says:

      Yes! Thanks for reminding me that they took the time to explain all of the things that we discussed at the end of the finale. The GSR, the taser marks – all of it. Considering how in-depth we all got with regards to those details – it was a real pleasure to have it addressed.

    • Val says:

      LOL – awesome fan – I did the very same thing. Except it was just me when I shot up from the couch and pointed angrily at my tv saying I knew it. I knew that she was the mole and I knew all along she couldn’t be trusted…blah blah…… funny to read you do something so similar – I never trusted her at all. I was soo worried that Steve trusted her so blindly plus there never was a “dosier” on her dead fiance…just her word and Steve believed her. It never occurred to the bubble gum chewing, harvard analyst that she couldn’t be trusted off the bat – especially cia!!! I hope Joe is the one that brings her down. I get a sense that he’s keeping an open mind but if anyone is behind bringing Steve down from the team…he will not be pleased at all.

  18. MyMcG says:

    Hi everyone, our beloved show is BACK! And more importantly, it’s so nice to see the return of the “Things we Learned” posts after the long summer. In New England, we’ve already got our down comforters out and the heater has started to kick on. Although I’m sad to see the long daylight hours and the casualness and ease of summer come to an end, the start of season 2 is definitely one reason to cheer that the fall is finally here!

    Officer, I love that you brought up the scene where the reunited Five-0 extended family is sitting around the conference table enjoying each other’s company. When I saw that, my mind immediately went back a similar scene at the end of the pilot when it was just four of them sitting around a half-furnished office, brainstorming names for their new group. (Remember, Chin Ho suggested a loooong Hawaiian phrase, and somebody else, was it Kono(?) suggested Strike Force <– ha! Can you imagine??) That was a nice juxtaposition to show where the group had come from, and where they were going.

    I also love LCDR Joe White and what his character brings to show for Steve. Steve’s demeanor immediately changes around him. He still calls Joe, “Sir”. And Joe calls him, “Son” and Steve lets him. The poignancy of Joe as a father figure is definitely not lost on me. I love Joe’s laid back style and his 100% confidence in Steve (“He’ll be fine”). It seems he is an old family friend who goes way back w/ Steve’s dad – was close enough to be at Steve’s mom’s funeral. I agree with Katherine’s sentiment that it does seem a little too “Just so happens” that Steve is “trained” in the military by a friend of the family. But unless otherwise contradicted, I’m looking at Joe’s role as more of a mentor rather than a direct CO (although possible) or like an officer who would have literally trained him in a BUD/S or SQT class. More likely, Joe has kept an eye on Steve in the Navy, initially at the request of his old friend John, but later developing his own deeper relationship with Steve through the process. To say that Joe “trained” Steve makes more sense to me as Joe having given Steve advice, guidance, pointers from during his military career as a mentor.

    So I’m loving Joe, but I’m still not entirely sure about how I feel about Jenna. I for one did not get emotionally invested in her nor did I think her quirkiness was all that cute and she was NOT growing on me. It was actually only this very episode did I start not to mind her so much. She seemed more relaxed and didn’t have such a know-it-all air about her. I did not suspect her as a mole, so yes the ending did shock the hell out of me. The mounting tension was so awesome. Victor Hess lying there dead. OMG. (and a little sad, bc I liked him as a baddie). Then the slow realization that the uniformed figure walking away was Wo Fat. OMG, OMG. And the camera follows his detached but purposeful Terminator-like walk all the way out of the building, all the while, it’s getting more and more intense, and then… dun-dun-dun!! SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. I was literally on my feet. I stood up with my hands over my mouth. I wanted to go wake up my husband because I needed to tell somebody. After I picked my jaw up off the ground, it did occur to me that Jenna was somehow being coerced into this somehow. So I’m not sure how I want this to play out. I kind of want Wo Fat to have something on her to coerce her cooperation – not because I’m emotionally attached to her and want her redeemed somehow, but more because I’m sort of feeling betrayed on behalf of the H50 team that they took her in and trusted her and she scammed them. But on the other hand, the notion that Saraqael brings up about wanting her to be 100% irredeemably evil… that’s kind of a delicious thought, too.

    My big gripe, though, is about the continued confusion over the timeline of Steve’s adolescence. Not only is it still inconsistent, the inconsistency is inconsistent! We’ve had at least a couple discussions here among the 50undercover posters about this last season. Steve was a star quarterback at Kukui High, the consensus being that it was probably during his upper classman years – junior or senior in high school. We also know that Steve presumably lived on the island with his family at age 16 when his mother was killed, according to his own telling of the police notification of her death (she was never late for dinner). But that doesn’t make sense with the story fact that John McGarrett sent his kids to the mainland for their protection after the mom’s funeral. Did Steve come back after a brief separation to play football and graduate high school back in Hawaii? That’s never been straightened out by the story. Now this episode references Steve being sent away at 15, which really makes no sense since his mom died when Steve was 16. Writers – we know you’re reading our favorite blog!! Can we please straighten this out once and for all? Last season I was finally ready to let it go as one of those story goofs. But now it’s been brought up again this season and now it seems Steve is being sent away before his mom dies. (rant over)

    That’s it from me. Looking forward to reading the other comments as they roll in!

    • Beth says:

      I totally agree My McG “Not only is it still inconsistent, the inconsistency is inconsistent.!” I too wish that the writers would clear this up once and for all.

      • lainiek66 says:

        I 2nd/3rd/4th that statement….I go back to the fact that he said he was raised by a single parent too. But, if his mom was killed when he was 16, he was sent away when he was 15, and was also star quarterback of High School Football team (where dada attended in secret), I am totally confused. Officer 808, next time you have the honor of speaking with Peter Lenkov, can you ask him clear this all up? With charts. And a timetable. 😉

    • ghostgirl13 says:

      it’s not just those inconsistencies that are bothering me. it’s the ones with the new Guy Joe white that are bugging me too. first he’s the command master chief, now he’s served with Steve’s dad? & he’s a lcdr? really??
      don’t get it…

      • officer808 says:

        It’s one of those continuity things we’ll just have to forgive. When that episode was written, I don’t think they thought were going to take the character this far.

      • ghostgirl13 says:

        not to beat a dead horse – but don’t they have people that get paid & whose sole purpose it is is to make sure there aren’t those little glitches? I don’t mean to be rude or a pain but it is only the beginning of the 2nd season & it just seems if they’re having problems this early on whats going to happen if it goes much longer? guess we can’t expect them to get some of the real life details right if they can’t keep up with their own storyine.

      • MyMcG says:

        How Joe White fits into the longer McGarrett family timeline doesn’t bother me that much. Until they tell me something else that directly contradicts, there is a way it could make sense to me. I think it’s been mentioned somehwere that Steve is third generation Navy, so that would be his grandfather who died at Pearl Harbor, his Dad who must have also served in the Navy (with a younger White), and then Steve. Is what’s bothering you about Joe that he is only a LCDR given his age? When we first given pieces of info about Joe’s character, I thought maybe he was no longer active in the Navy or had retired when he was a LCDR, but the beginning of the episode shows him walking off a military plane in his utilities, so maybe he is still active. But then again, I don’t know — how do active military personnel get so much free time to run around on their own projects like this?

        So Joe White and John McGarrett probably met in the Navy when they were young men, and stayed friends (he was there for John when John’s wife was killed). Maybe they were enlisted, maybe they were young officers; probably they were enlisted and White went through OCS and came onto his commission a little later in his career after John had left the Navy – might explain why he’s not a Captain or rear Admiral at this point if he is still active. So that’s what’s plausible to me, not to say that it’s realistic. I’m no Navy expert and most of what I know is through watching many seasons of JAG and NCIS. 🙂

        Steve’s timeline is obviously what bothers me – because there is contradictory information out there. To add to the fire, remember in the Christmas episode, Steve also tells Danny that he knows what it’s like to be raised by a single parent, which to me, meant living with just his Dad after his mom died. This factoid works with Steve as Kukui High’s star quarterback, but doesn’t work with the factoid that Steve was sent away at 15 or 16.

      • I remember reading (and I thought it was on here!) that Steve likely entered the Navy after having done ROTC or something so he started out as an officer and therefore a higher rank. Whereas Joe likely started at the very bottom and had more ranks to ascend.

        Also, the writers have talked about their big wall of storylines so they can track everything. The McG age thing, though, seems odd. It is possible that he could have been a kick-ass freshman quarterback (it happens) but it does seem weird that they can’t decide whether or not he left when 15 or 16. And where did he go? Who raised him for those 2-3 years before he would have been old enough to join the Navy?

      • MyMcG says:

        Steve graduated from Anapolis (i.e. US Naval Academy), as mentioned in the pilot, which means he most likely became an Ensign when he graduated at age 22 or so.  It’s probably the youngest way to get a commission. As for Joe, we don’t have any detail on how he obtained his commission. I’m sure the writers must have given some thought to his background and didn’t just randomly assign him any ol’ rank (and then have it happen to be the same as Steve). I’m just hoping some of that back story is revealed, just if only to sate our curiosity.   Maybe he served some time as enlisted, went to college on the GI Bill and went through Navy ROTC, which is not an uncommon path to becoming an officer. Maybe he went through OCS later his Navy career.  Unlikely that Joe is also an Anapolis alum, given his more advanced age and current rank, but not impossible. I guess some people just rise through the ranks more slowly?

  19. Steph says:

    “Last season I was finally ready to let it go as one of those story goofs. But now it’s been brought up again this season and now it seems Steve is being sent away before his mom dies. (rant over)”

    Seriously! I was watching the S1 DVDs last night and there’s double references all over the place. At one point Lenkov also says Steve was sent away when he was 15. Then there’s Chin’s reference (and DDK also mentioning) how Steve’s character broke all the Kukui High records. No way Steve’s on a varsity football team (let alone the starter) at the age of 15… or anytime before that. (Maybe he meant pee wee records? *shrug* 😉 Then later I think it’s Alex who says Steve was sent away and didn’t see his dad again at all before he went off to the military. The timeline is seriously all over the place. At this point, the only thing that makes sense is that the kids were sent away and came back to finish school but didn’t live with their dad? I certainly wish the writers would clear this up.

    • Deb Young says:

      I have noticed this as well and completely agree!

    • Linda Stein says:

      Yeah…I have to agree with you there. If you go by everything we’ve seen and heard Steve could have been anywhere from 15 to 18 when he left Hawaii and we KNOW his mother died when he was 16. They really do need to pick one and stick with it. They are so good at continuity almost everything else. I don’t understand why this is so all over the place.

    • Val says:

      Hey everyone – I truly agree with you all. The timeline is really wacky but seriously with all the wonderful excitement – i tend to let little things like this not bug me so much but since you all have raised it up again in the blog and commentary – I have to agree it does need cleaning up….not that the writers deserve any less credit for their brilliance – we just want perfection from all of them.

    • awesomefan says:

      I usually cut TV writers a lot of slack with inconsistencies like this because when they first start a series, sometimes they don’t know what background will be valuable enough to build on. This timeline however drives me a batty. Last season I had it figured out that Steve was about 34 years old (he was15 when his mom died and that was 18 years ago). Then the contradictions start with the star quarterback thing and them getting sent away right after she died. The thing that I really has me spinning is trying to figure out how old Mary Ann is. In the ep where she is kidnapped he kind of treats her like she is in her early to mid twenties, so can they really be 10 years apart? God I hope she is not like 30 or something b/c she doesn’t seem to have a job, a career, a life etc…I would prefer to think that Steve’s sister is just young, not a loser. He talks about missing watching her grow up so how the heck old do you guys think she is? Also, what kind of a crappy brother doesn’t try to get a hold of his sister for 18 years? Where were they sent and why to two different places? Yeah, yeah, I know. To protect them. Sorry this is all over the place. Like I said, it drives me batty. I hope they clean it up. Um…not like I sit around all day thinking about this stuff or anything, LOL!

      • Val says:

        LOL – awesome fan – well you are like so many of us who analyze this show to death simply because we love it but you are so right about MaryAnn – we know she’s his baby sister but not sure what her age truly is – so funny to see your comment about their relationship…I too wondered why he never kept in touch with her and why they were so far apart from each other. Guess being deployed at sea he never bothered to check in to keep an eye on her? Also the comment in the season 2 opener – his dad teared up when he sent Steve away at 15 – hello? What about MaryAnn? How about kids plural – lol!! I also wondered why after living in the McGarrett household – she was suddenly living in a rented house – what brother kicks her out to live someplace else – not that’s what he did but its odd that she would need a rental when she’s obviously lived at the McGarrett house. Its her home too. I actually want to see more development into that relationship….hate that she is shipped off – like the fact that she can shed some light into the McGarrett household from a feminine point of view not just Steve.

        She does bring the soft older protective brother to Steve and would love to see more of that relationship developing along with the Ohana family which now includes Max and Kamekona and Joe White….not so much Jenna yet – not surprised that Wofat would want to penetrate the Five-0 team and make their lives hell. We still don’t know enough about Wofat – he’s so rotten but how rotten will we find him to be?

      • MyMcG says:

        awesomefan, some good points re: Mary Ann. Being that family is so important to Steve, you’d think there would be more evidence that she is on his mind, even is she is not physically there.  You’re right, Mary Ann does seem very young, but I think she’s probably more like 3-5 years younger than Steve, putting her just around 30 or so. She’s probably just an immature type, still trying to smoke in airplane bathrooms and trying to get her life together. She’s been through a lot.  We don’t know where exactly she was sent to live, but hasn’t had any meaningful contact with her dad or brother through her most impressionable years – I can see how that can mess someone up. Steve was a little older, (and possibly went back to the Hawaii to finish h.s.) and had a more disciplined personality and threw himself into his military career as a way to cope?

        If Mary Ann is really only in her mid-20’s (which I agree is more how she comes across), she would be about 10 years younger than Steve, making her 5 or 6 when their mom died and they were sent away. That doesn’t feel right to me.  And not to say there hasn’t been other inconsistencies in the show (ahem), but Steve has said that Mamo taught him and Mary Ann how to surf as kids.  If they are 10 years apart, she would’ve been too little to learn to surf with Steve, no?  All just speculation on my part, but it’s fun to think about.  Hey Writers, if you need someone to help keep the timelines straight, CALL ME! 

        There are other inconsistent factoids about when Steve and Mary saw each other last before she comes back to the island, and I’m sure Steve’s Navy commitments made it hard for them to SEE each, but I’d like to think they at least called each other once in a (maybe long long) while. I sure hope he didn’t let 18 years go by! But the other thing is, family is so important to Steve now, and maybe losing his father has woken him up to that. Maybe when he was too busy chasing bad guys around the globe, he was much more focused on other things and less so on family. 

      • Linda Stein says:

        I think MaryAnn is about 3 or 4 years younger than Steve based on the photographs we saw way back in S1E2 Ohana. When Steve was listening to his dad’s voice recorder they were showing the family pictures on the table in John’s office. In the pictures of Steve and Mary together, Steve looked to be about 8 or 9 and Mary looked to be about 5 or so. So it Steve is 34 now I think Mary is somewhere around 30. Unfortunately I know several people who STILL haven’t gotten their act together by 30. As a matter of fact, I know a women who is over 50 and is still totally screwed up.

        In the DVD deleted scenes from Season 1 there are several scenes they cut out between Steve and Mary. It’s really a shame they decided to go without those scenes because they shed a good deal of light on their relationship. In the scene at John’s funeral they talk about how Mary called Steve when she went to rehab and when she got arrested. He said they had seen each other 3 or 4 years prior to the funeral so they DID have contact, not great contact, but it was there.

        In other scenes cut from later episodes we see that Mary took a floppy disk from the Champ box and Steve knew she took it and demanded it back. They argued over the Champ box, Mary saying it was as much her’s at it was Steve’s. She went to a pawn shop and bought an old computer so she could see what was on the floppy by stealing Steve’s credit card out of his wallet. She WAS living at the house for several episodes according to the deleted scenes.

        I suspect there may have been a scene where Steve and Mary finally had it out over her behavior and she just decided not to put up with what she would see as Steve overbearing attitude and move out. Also it served the story when she got kidnapped. It would be easier to kidnap her from her bungalow where she was alone then under Steve’s nose at the house.

      • awesomefan says:

        Thanks Val, MyMcG, and Linda Stein for your points of view. I see we are on the same page with this. Many of the ideas you expressed were ones that had fleetingly occurred to me and it is nice to see them gelled in one place. Linda, thanks for the info on the deleted scenes. I was wondering where past blog references to Mary Ann going to rehab were coming from as I did not remember that in being mentioned in any episode. The other scene you mentioned explains her reasons for renting the beach house. I had wondered about all of that. Hmmm….I think we all need a Steve-Mary Ann centric episode. I think we should write it! LOL!

  20. Bert Hayling says:

    Bob, Sir! 🙂 Good to have you back in the recap saddle. 😀

    Lest this turn into a young epistle, I think I’ll just jabber a spell on wee Jenna’s explosive reveal.

    There’s something more going on there than Jenna being a Wo Fat mole; I’m thinking either an unwilling associate (dear old Mr. Wo is holding something over her) or a deep-cover CIA op.

    Her being a purely eeeevil accomplice just seems too easy. For starters, Steve knew diddly-squat about Wo Fat until Jenna presented him with the whole dossier; Jenna provided them with intel that allowed them to zero in on Wo Fat very specifically rather than chasing dead-end leads and ghosts.

    Another point in Jenna’s favor — she provided the answers needed to save Danny’s life after he’d been exposed to Sarin, *in time to make a difference*. Now, if she was in on Wo Fat’s scheme to destroy Steve by robbing him of his support structure — his team, his found family — it would have been supremely easy to destroy Steve by simply letting Danny die of Sarin poisoning. And as far as I’m concerned, that *would* have been a soul-crushing blow to Steve, to have Danny die on his watch, to have to explain to Grace why her Danno wouldn’t be coming home.

    In Oia’i’o, Jenna traces the origin of the killer Claymore which leads them to Dale O’Reilly, who initially says he sold the mine to one Steve McGarrett, but soon enough implicates Wo Fat. Had Jameson not tipped Wo Fat off, that testimony would have gone a long way towards clearing Steve of suspicion in Laura’s death.

    Finally, in Ha’i’ole, Jenna is the one to figure out what that locker key fits, and more importantly where — that Molokai airport locker. That gets them the SD card which shows Pa McG setting up the (apparently Star Trek fusion powered and memory core’d 😉 ) spycam in Jameson’s office (which, if you noticed, included a date-stamp — some time in 2009) and gets them thinking along the lines of whether or not the camera is still there and still working. (Good thing Jameson’s peeps didn’t rearrange the office or dust or put a rice fern in front of the clock). 😉

    Based on everything we’ve seen, Jenna’s come through for 5-0 — she’s not misled or misdirected them and she was probably instrumental in saving Danny’s life. While she’s obviously working with Wo Fat to some degree, I think there’s more there than simple moledom, and it’s gonna be fun finding out as the season progresses!

    • Deb says:

      Saw an interesting theory on tumblr today. in the execution of his SEAL duties, McG responsible for death of Jenna’s fiance so she’s teaming up w/ WoFat to take him down. VERRRRY Interesting thought.

    • Beth says:

      I agree Bert.

    • MyMcG says:

      So, yes it seems Jenna has been a useful friend at times to the 5-0 team. Now that I’m thinking aout Jenna in a new light, was it ever explained (in the show or maybe discussed here on this board) how Jenna came to possess Dad’s voice recorder that she had when she first showed up at the 5-0 office? The other items from Dad’s champ box was with the Gov and being sent back to Steve one at a time by Laura Hills, but why was the voice recorder not among those items and how did Jenna adequately explain that so as to not arouse any suspicions?

      • Beth says:

        Jenna Kaye has not explained how she obtained the recorder. IMO she could have only gotten it from Wo Fat. Hiro Noshimuri’s Yakuza goons stole the Champ box from McG’s house in Ke Kinohi. As we later found out from Jenna Kaye herself when she is sharing her Wo Fat intel with McG that Hiro, Hesse and the Yakuza all work for Wo Fat not w/ Wo Fat. I suspected that something was up with the Kaye character from the beginning. The awkward scene with her putting her gum under the “magic table”. I thought that she might be planting a bugging device when she awkwardly removes said “gum” while being scolded by McG. The presence of a bug may explain how Wo Fat knows what is going on within 5-0 and how he knew what restaurant McG and Kaye were going to meet at. I’m still unclear as to Kaye’s actual motives, is she a double agent, as she has provided valuable information and assistance to the 5-0 team. The mystery has me curious as to how it will eventually play out and what the writer’s have in store for us.

      • In the ep where we meet Jenna, she says they recovered the tape recorder during a raid at one of Wo Fat’s safehouses. But that is still suspect–why was it only that piece of evidence and not the entire Champ box? How did Jenna know it belonged to McG (Sr or Jr)?

        I still can’t decide if she is evil or being coerced, but the one thing that gets me is her expression when Wo Fat gets in the car at the jail and she pulls away–she does not look scared, she looks smug.

        It could be that all these folks (Hess, the Gov, Jenna) were reeled in by a kinder, gentler Wo Fat and then once they realized how truly bad he is, they slyly work behind his back so that they themselves don’t get killed. However, so far, at least for 2 out of the 3, that hasn’t worked so well.

  21. Be says:

    “Ha’i’ole” is Hawaiian for “unbreakable”, referring to Danny’s pompadour.

    LOL — indeed

  22. Deb Young says:

    I think the McG clearing video was on the camera in the clock. Other stuff was on SD card, like the meeting w/ Gov, Wo Fat & Papa McG.

  23. r1015b says:

    Deb Young is right. The SD card from the locker had the old stuff with McG’s dad. Once Danny and Chin realized there might be a camera in the governor’s office, they got the media from that.

    • officer808 says:

      Excellent point ladies. That seems the likely explanation.

      • Linda Stein says:

        I also don’t think that camera was running for an entire year. There must be a way that it’s activated only when someone is in the room moving around. That is the Governor’s “home” office, not her official office so she probably only used it at night and on weekends. John would have known that and wouldn’t have wanted hours upon hours of nothing but an empty room on video. If the camera only ran when needed it wouldn’t have needed as much power or storage space.

  24. nursebrak says:

    The video on the sd card in the locker is video of Jack McGarrett setting up the camera in the governor’s office. That’s how Chin and Danny knew to go there to find the camera. Though it’s still a mystery where the video that cleared Steve was stored since that camera was very tiny and had apparently been running non-stop for at least a year.

    • Tess. says:

      That’s what I’m saying. It just doesn’t make any sense. Is the last believable scene I’ve seen until now (except that deleted scene with the girl in the corvette – C’mon son! -)

    • officer808 says:

      That’s the next question. It must be a 1000 GB SD card. That’s high tech.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Posted this in the wrong place before…Sorry!

        I don’t think that camera was running for an entire year. There must be a way that it’s activated only when someone is in the room moving around. That is the Governor’s “home” office, not her official office so she probably only used it at night and on weekends. John would have known that and wouldn’t have wanted hours upon hours of nothing but an empty room on video. If the camera only ran when needed it wouldn’t have needed as much power or storage space.

      • Bert Hayling says:

        There’s certainly software you can run on a PC that manages such cameras, monitoring the feed from them and only activating the record function when motion is detected in specific areas; the same software will also start to record over the oldest files once the media is full (which gets dicey when you’re talking a camera that has been left untended for a year at least). Pappy’s camera would have to be pretty sophisticated stuff to cram camera, management circuitry, power source, *and* storage media into that… oh, looked like maybe 2.5″x2.5″x1″ enclosure? (I would argue for a big-time SDHC card, as it’s far easier to swap out such media than it is to physically remove the entire camera assembly and schlep it off someplace to jack in and copy the files). You’d have to throw in a pretty sophisticated compression routine and maybe draw juice from the clock’s power supply, but it would most likely be doable.

      • MyMcG says:

        Wow that’s a lot of geek speak. But Steve has said that his dad hated computers, {that’s how he knew that that the imprint of the laptop that was sitting in his dad’s study the day he was killed did not belong to his dad}. Would Old Man McGarrett, who was so old tech, he was using a dictaphone for his notes, be able to figure all that out? But then again… I guess Steve is learning that there are things about his dad he didn’t know, and he did only see his dad a handful of times in his adult life. So it is possible John picked up some mad tech chops, or made himself learn for the sake of his investigation. Okay, so I just talked myself in a loop so never mind me.

  25. nursebrak says:

    The question I want answered is “How did Steve get a helicopter, fly it from an airport on Oahu to an airport on Molokai and back again while on the run from the law?” ps. please forgive me if I have butchered the spelling of the island names. I’m on my phone.

    • Bert Hayling says:

      He’s a graduate of the Mission: Impossible School of Disguise. 😉 Or one of Shatner’s students at Priceline — “Well played, Naomi Price!” (‘Cos seriously, a ball cap and Ray Ban Aviators *totally* work as a disguise). 😀

      Even if — as seems the case — he sweet-talked the chopper folks at.. um… the chopper place they got the bird from in Ke Kinohi (when they chased after Mary ), the pilot should’ve still had to file a flight plan of some description, even if operating out of their own airfield (which does seem to be the case with … um.. Makani Kai?) Though I admit if flights by this chopper co. between Oahu and Molokai are a common thing, this one wouldn’t necessarily have aroused suspicion. Though it does make the chopper people guilty of aiding and abetting a dangerous and presumably murderous fugitive if they get found out…

      Heh. No worries! Denning can issue blanket pardons and absolutions and exonerations all around! 😀 (Or Torchwood can fly in and dose the whole population with the Retcon drug…) 😉

      I kid. I’m a kidder. 😀 Don’t worry, Show, I love you anyway. 😀

  26. Vanessa says:

    It was an amazing episode. Amazing.

    I like the way they are developing the Rachel/Danny thing… like Scott said, without an unhappy Danny, there would be no show. But it would’ve been great to see the scene where he finds out the baby ain’t his. Scott is really good with those emotional scenes. And with carguments, but for what it looks like, we’ll have got plenty of those (yay!).

    I’m guessing that the guys in the HPD are not be very happy with Five-0 right now… How many officers did Steve leave unconscious in one week? That could be an interesting plot.. after all, Five-0 needs HPD as a back up.

    • Beth says:

      Good points Vanessa.

    • Val says:

      Interesting comment about the HPD – wonder how many moles have now been planted in that dept now that Steve is exonerated. Wofat’s going to need more henchman. Could explain why Jenna’s in the picture – very handy for Wofat to get good intel on Five-0!!! I read your blog and review about her Bert and I must say – she may not be the low level analyst Steve thinks she is. It could all be a big act to cover what she’s really up to which is get paid really well to provide info. She’s no angel. I think seeing her as really bad will make the story line far more interesting than seeing Jenna as sweet wholesome helpful agent. Did you see how curious she was when she wanted to know where Joe was going…totally irked me a little – the last time she wanted to know where Steve was going when he left the hospital to pick up Grace. I think the low level analyst could be a cover for her – Wofat is super devious too so even though Victor Hesse and Gov Jamison is out of the way…..using Jenna as his next soldier is going to be extremely interesting and very dangerous for H50 since she is so close to the action and Wofat would want someone really close on the inside to watch Steve’s every move.

      The very idea that she willingly provided intel about Wofat to Steve – could very well be Wofat’s genius evil mind – he is totally fearless when it comes to getting what he wants. He’s a masterminded criminal….so I imagine the writers always have to have Wofat always a little ahead of the game – very close but always out of reach. Like a cat playing with a mouse.

      • Bert Hayling says:

        Something else that just occurred to me re: possible Jenna perfidy… 😉

        Though it has yet to be pursued any further, Steve’s fingerprints were found all over Laura Hills’ residence. We know they certainly weren’t left by Steve, which means they were faked up using some high-tech (though actually quite do-able, with the right equipment) tomfoolery. Key to making the lil’ rubber fingertips you’d use to plant bogus prints is a good, clean selection of your victim’s actual fingerprints, and the best place to get Steve’s would be the 5-0 HQ — glass surfaces, ideally (beer bottles, mugs, glasses, those big glass doors). Jenna was ideally placed to gather those fingerprints. (Doesn’t change the fact that an unbiased examination of the prints should reveal that they’re not consistent with having been left by an actual human hand — no skin oils, no friction smearing, etc — but then again, it seems fairly obvious there was a general rush to judgement in Steve’s case all around at HPD, so overlooking inconsistent evidence would go right along with that general desire to see Steve and H50 brought down).

        Still doesn’t change the fact that Jenna’s been aiding H50 with reliable intel on Wo Fat, but it stands to reason that as a Wo Fat mole, unwilling or no, she’d have to provide Wo with the goods at some point or wind up with a ventilated noggin.

        Hmmm… ya know, more and more I’m liking the idea that Jenna’s plan is to use H50 to take down Wo Fat and step into the void herself. 😉

  27. Vanessa says:

    It was seriously an intense episode. There were too many questions to be answered and too many things to solve. Maybe we’ll get more answers in the next eps.. or in the deleted scenes next year 😉 It will be an interesting season, no doubt about that.

  28. Staci says:

    I wasn’t crazy about the episode. Everything was rushed, resolved easily or inexplicably.I was disappointed in the Danny/Rachel story. I’d have rather the baby, now that there really is one, been Danny’s because I think Stan is dirty, & I’m trying to overlook the adulter that that would make Danny, Danny would be the better father of the two. Peter & the writers messed up big time since the baby maybe isn’t Danny’s (Rachel could still be wrong & it is Danny’s) but to not have Scott deliver what he could have done oh so well if Rachel had told Danny face to face that she was wrong & the baby isn’t his was such a shame for Scott & the fans. The angst & fury in Danny would have lept off of the TV screen. As much as I would have liked to see Scott play that i still hope Rachel is wrong yet again & Danny is the father. I’m a romantic & Danny is so adorable when he’s happy & the last 2 episodes of last season he was so happy with Rachel & Grace. I just love Scott & Danny. But,this probably would be to soapy which isn’t what Hawaii Five-0 is, but I’d still like to see D/R with Grace & baby together realistically somehow. Can’t wait til Danny has to deal with a teenage Grace, whether he is still a single unattached dad or married to Rachel, Danny & a teenager, hysterical.

    Did I miss the resolution to Danny & Chin’s argument from the finale or was it swept under the carpet as to how they got back in sync with each other? And how did Danny know to contact Joe White to help Steve in the 1st place? Danny called him & not Steve’s sister Mary? i realize that White could help Steve but for no one to call his sister even if it was just to tell her what happened? I guess we’re supposed to assume it was done off camera? I was torn with the premiere, in a way I liked it but I was also disappointed in quite a bit of it too.

    • Tess says:

      “I wasn’t crazy about the episode. Everything was rushed, resolved easily or inexplicably” – I agree 100%

    • lainiek says:

      I can’t see Danny going back to Rachel a 3rd time…she has proven herself wishy washy and will always take the easy way out on everything. Going back to StepStan has as much to do with the fact that Danny didn’t show up to help her in NJ as it did in the fact that Stan is the daddy baby. How must it make Danny feel to know his ex/lover, who claimed that her marriage was not savable, and was sleeping with him, was also sleeping with her hubby up until (and maybe including) the time they hooked up. That is not romantic people. There is another word for it, but I will refrain from using it here. You know what romance is…when Danny finds a woman who says “I know you are passionate about your job, have a hot head, make rash judgements and make mistakes. But, I love you anyway and I am not going anywere”. That is romance.

      • Would that word be “ewwwwwwww”?! Cuz it is pretty gross, if you ask me!

      • Linda Stein says:

        I said this in my long long long post above LOL but it really bugs me that Rachel wants to work on her marriage to Stan for the baby’s sake but she didn’t work on her marriage to Danny for Grace’s sake. Why? Her love for Stan is not greater than her love for Danny was/is. Is it the money? No, you’re right. Danny isn’t going to be burned a THIRD time.

      • Bert Hayling says:

        The whole situation was… puzzling, ‘cos no matter how dramatic and angsty and dilemma-y the whole “Come, my Love! Prithee, away with me to New Jersey this very eve with all imagined speed!” thing was, there was one character absolute that couldn’t be ignored — Danny goes where Grace is; for him to stay in Hawaii, Grace has to return to Hawaii. For Grace to return to Hawaii, Rachel has to as well. No Danny, no Steve & Danny BFF partnership, and as that’s pretty much the engine under the hood of the H50 Camaro, lose that and the show falls over (which Alex himself pointed out in an interview re: the partnership and cargument moments). So it was always going to pretty much *have* to be the case that whatever else happened, Grace and Rachel would return to Hawaii, regardless of whether Bun was Danny’s, Stan’s, or ET’s.

        I’m of two minds about the whole Danny/Rachel situation. I know the argument for the rekindled romance *not* to work out was that the show needs Danny to be unhappy (and therefore short-tempered and snarky), but certainly there would’ve been a lot to make Danny unhappy and stressed about trying to make a go of it with Rachel, Grace, and Bun in Hawaii, living on his salary after Rachel had become accustomed to life in the lap of Manly Stanley luxury, with him *still* a cop (one of the primary reasons for their divorce in the first place) and with an even more dangerous job by virtue of being 5-0.

        Thing is, being part of a family again is something Steve really needs, and he seems to be getting it through interaction with Danny and Grace, and beyond that, interaction with Rachel and Matty as well. In the wake of the Matty Mess, I think Danny needs the new brother he’s found in Steve as much as Grace needs her Uncle Steve, and it seems being a part of Danny’s family — especially being a part of welcoming a new life into the family — would be *good* for Steve. (Yes, okay, I’m an uncle and a sap and a pushover where the kids’re concerned and have been with all six of ’em). 😀

        Ahh well; t’was not to be, I guess.

      • awesomefan says:

        I’ve never been a big Danny and Rachel fan. As I have said in past posts, I would love to see a Danny storyline with a “date of the week” running theme where Danny starts dating again and really has to start from scratch. I think there would be a lot of room for humor and character exploration. Ultimately I see him with a pretty and, of course, kick-ass HPD beat cop. Someone sharp with street smarts that knows how to take care of herself. Not that I sit around thinking about this stuff all day mind you….

    • MyMcG says:

      laniek, nice response!

      Staci, I liked the episode; I thought it was a lot of adrenaline and a great way to kick off the season charging out of the gates. But… I do understand your point, too.

      They could’ve easily saved some of the material for a second episode and let some of other story elements fill out a little. I actually felt a similar kind of mild dissatisfaction w/ the S1 finale as well. I wish they had revealed the idea of Jamison as a bad guy 1 week earlier, maybe as part of a big build up to the finale. But they introduced Jamison as evil in the same episode as they killed her off! I wished they had let that sit with the viewers a little longer, let us chew on it a little and replay some of the past Jamison scenes in our head (particularly the episode where she played ignorant of Hiro Noshimori’s Yakuza connections) and let it breathe a little before they killed her off and buried her. I guess we’ll get a little more of that back story through flashbacks in S2, but definitely with last season’s finale and a little here w/ this season’s opener, I did get a little of that feeling like I was eating a huge meal a little too fast. I could have been happy with a slightly slower pace, to absorb and digest some of the interesting tidbits they were feeding us.

      • lainiek66 says:

        @Bert – I too have heard that people didn’t want Danny with Rachel because a happy Danny is not as fun as an unhappy Danny. I argue their theory by saying that a reunited D/R would not make him happy either. I want Danny to be happy, just with someone else. Someone who deserve him and won’t take the next train out of town when the going get tough.

    • Dee says:

      Staci, you and I are on the same romantic page- (there are more of us than you think!) but you bring up and intresting point about Chin and Danny. I fully expected to see more of a “discussion” on who was doing more to help Steve.
      And yeah HElllllllO! Mary is not around to see and deal with what happened to her brother- that is a big mistep! WOW can’t believe I didn’t think of that – well then again neither did the writers!

  29. Vanessa says:

    Peter asked for feedback.. If he reads this, he has it! 🙂

  30. fiveofan says:

    dear god now the ladies can pipe down McG is back in his cargos. What would it take for LG and Kono to do a jello wrestling scene in bikinis. im sure PL could work it into an episode for us boyzzz. (lime jello) That episode was the fastest hour of my life – jam packed with action. I wasnt disappointed- they did justice to 1.24 and didnt soft sell us on any details except for the Rachel fiasco but it was a little far fetched anyway to say the least – that story line maby should have made last seasons deleted scenes reel instead but well, they havent asked me to write for the show yet so what do I know! Steve is a god and it was very satisfying to see him exhonorated by the very cool new Governor. Jenna, well, they kinda crushed me and shocked me on that one – i spit out my Diet lime coke all over my wifes nicely polished coffee table when I saw that!! S hit! If I was writing for the show (which Im not despite an extremely irritating to PL twitter campaign) I would have her deep undercover for the CSI and noone knows about it. Shes playing WOFat for the fiddle he is! Heres hoping because our hero doesnt deserve any more betrayels in his life rite now. Cant wait to see Catherine make her next booty call appearance as Im sure the time in prison has made our pal a little horney for the opposite sex. Danno can only supply so much in that department – its Barry White time . Hopefully Lauren can pull off fitting into the team and making us feel like shes always been there as opposed to throwing someone in mid stream and having us take a leap of fairth here. I like that she goes head to head and takes no sh@@ . looks like steve is gonna get some great on camera time to mshow his great acting chops with sizemore and the new gov. Gonna be a real fun ride this season HOLD ON

  31. Staci says:

    Dee, Thank you.I just don’t think that Rachel/Danny pregnancy should be swept under the carpet so easily as to have it be Stan’s & the writer’s take the easy out. Something still isn’t right with this from the finale. Rachel wasn’t exacty happy to tell Danny that she was pregnant. She kept looking off in the distance almost like she was afraid someone was listening to everything she was telling Danny. She seemed to be worried about more than just Danny’s reaction to the news. You’re right, there should have been more of a “discussion” between Danny & Chin as to who was doing more to help Steve. Leaving Mary out of Steve’s predictament was a huge mistake on the part of Lenkov & the other writers, the same goes for Catherine too.

    Linda, it bugs me to that Rachel would go back & try to work on her marriage with Stan & the baby & yet she didn’t give the same effort toward her marriage with Danny & therefore Grace. Um, hello, is she stupid? Danny would’ve been the better choice all around. Then & now. Had she put for the effort in her marriage with Danny, his character wouldn’t have been tarnished either. Money isn’t everything. I’ll guess she’ll figure that out the hard way & it will be too little, too late; for her, Grace, Danny & the baby.

    Vanessa, hopefully Peter does read this, especially from next week on. It’s quite probable he will have more feedback than he anctipates and it won’t all be positive.

  32. Staci says:

    Also, meant to say after this Monday that i hope Peter & the other witers listen to any & all feedback whether it be positive or negative & act accordingly. But, I don’t have much of hope of that happening or Jenna wouldn’t still be around. When can we have only the FAB FOUR & Max back as the only series regulars and only & all the recurring characters from last season minus Jenna? Anybody else coming in should be 1 or 2 episodes & done (OK 6 for Terry/Joe White, he’s likeable & good ) not 1/2 of the season.

  33. Dee says:

    It seems that the actors- our fab four- are happier having more people in ensemble so that there is more free time for themselves – especially Scott, seems like his schedule is impossible filled with movies and such. So to satisfy the four I can see more people to “play with”??? However, with as many “holes” in story set up from season 1 and opener season 2- these new people could be the way the writers fill the holes?? Although there are even more questions now!
    I also hope that it is scheduling issues that eliminated Mary and Rachel from the opener and following episodes not because Peter and the team look at their characters as inferior to the main characters. Personally understanding the minor characters only aids in the development of the main characters IMHO. But we are talking an hour show(less because of commericals)- and you can only fit so much in that time. or this can all be a ploy(plot holes and absence of characters) that Peter has placed so we stay tuned!
    I have to tell you that is a risky thing- especially since H50 is high in DVR ratings. Why do you think that is- because of social media. People will find out if there favorite story arc was addressed or still in limbo- etc It is not like before when you HAD to wait to find out what happens- fans aren’t
    as paitent as they once were. I know what can solve some of that!! 2 hour special YAHOOOO yes Peter put that in your schedule!!!!

  34. Benita Lee says:

    Thanks for another great review Officer 808! Lots of jaw dropping & unbelievable moments in the Season 2 premiere. Lots of questions, but I’ll just narrow it down to two (since the continuity questions about McG’s age have been addressed by other posters).

    1.) What the heck do they use on Danno’s hair?! Not one hair moved when they were on the boat + in the ocean + AT FULL SPEED! I am assuming they filmed at sea ‘cuz it looked pretty real, and not in front of a green screen. (Aside: see pilot episode of Ringer with Sarah Michelle Geller for the fakest boat scene in water EVER). Danny’s hair was totally immobile – what kind of product is necessary to make that happen?!! Is it the same stuff they paint on the side of the space shuttle to protect it when it comes back into Earth’s atmosphere? That is some unbreakable hair.

    2.) Is there a recycling program that terrorists use? The canisters with the lime Kool-Aid looked like the same ones from episode 1.23 that contained the sarin.

    Loved the addition of Terry O’Quinn and the full-time addition of Masi Oka. Hopefully the future additions will not mess with the great chemistry so far.

  35. Steph says:

    I will play devil’s advocate and disagree with those complaining about Mary’s absence. You have to remember, Steve went years without seeing her. Thanks to a deleted scene from the pilot, we know they barely even spoke (except for when Mary was arrested and then went to rehab). At the time they were burying their father, Steve seemed to have no real idea where his sister was living, that she’d lost her job and the two of them seemed perfectly content to use funerals as family reunions.
    Plus you’ll remember the last time we *saw* them together, he was sending her back to the mainland to get her out of danger — away from Hesse & Wo Fat, whose reach (as we are seeing) is so far and wide and his sources so plentiful it’s ridiculous. Ergo,it made perfect sense to me that Mary wasn’t there 😉 Plus I think the last thing Steve would have wanted is one more person he cared about in danger because of his actions (and quite frankly, with just 42 minutes to get through the premiere, I don’t think another reunion between the two would’ve been the smartest use of time. Thee writers have the rest of the season to get brother and sister back in the same time zone)

    • Dee says:

      Great point Steph,
      but I guess I “felt/viewed” there was a mend in their relationship and Steve being the “family first” theme setter.. That Mary would want to be there for her bro regardless of the danger. However as you point out there is the rest of the season. Let’s hope!

    • Mary Jane says:


  36. Mr. Mike says:

    Boring trivia from the first show… “:-)

    The old woman who confronted Kono when she was posing as a construction worker while McGarrett broke into the money stash, seen last season and who later identified her in this show from the police lineup, is played by Marika Yamato. She played the owner of a liquor store, Mrs. Tanaka in the original show’s 11th season, released on DVD on September 20th, as well as a few other minor roles in the original show.

    Kurt Hauff (played by Jay Freis?), the guy who is buying some mysterious liquid in metal containers from Wo Fat which Joe White says is “the raw materials for a dirty bomb,” looks like Val Kilmer. His rap sheet that Kono pulls up includes “arms trafficking, extortion and conspiricy [sic] to commit terrorist acts.”

    Max Bergman’s geeky car is a Volkswagen “Thing.”

    When McGarrett is doing push-ups in his cell at the beginning of the episode, written on the wall behind him is the word “Sheila.” Sheila is a colloquial term for a girl or woman in O’Loughlin’s native Australia.

    • Dee says:

      Mr. Mike,
      🙂 as they pan to the tatoos and the exercise I laughed out loud and thought “McGarrett does DeNiro”!!!!! the whole thing made me think of another iconic jail scene with
      DeNiro ( I believe it was Cape Fear- and I think DeNiro was doing dips)

    • Val says:

      HeyI picked up on the “Sheila” idea too. That’s definitely native Australian for “women”…

  37. Val says:

    Review – September 19, 2011

    Apologies for the lateness of my review its been a busy hectic year and after the much anticipated excitement from SOTB, finally the week arrived with me in my usual front row seat on the couch waiting for the much anticipated premier episode and I have to tell you – inspite of all the rumors and all the spoilers – I kept my cool and it was sooo worth the wait. Peter Lenkov if you ever have time to stop and read all our reviews, I simply want to say you are a genius at granting me my every wish. There wasn’t a single moment that didn’t leave me breathless and at the edge of my seat.

    It was like that in season one and its even more, so much more exciting to watch Season 2 – its freaking raging fever pitch thrilling. Joe White’s early appearance, just so timely and perfect. To think that I was thoroughly miserable for Steve and the team, I thought that I was going to have to wait even longer before Steve is exonerated and set free but no thanks to our beloved writers for the show and producers, they wasted no time in getting our team back together – though fractured they are united in force. Loveable Max in the opening credit as a regular cast….love it!! He was sooo funny driving the camaro, such a funny lovable character who offered a safe haven for our hero Steve. As for Kamekona our favorite lovable shave-ice guy….aloha brah…he was about as true and as lovable as he was in season one.

    Big surprise to some but not to me – was Jenna’s possible betrayal of Steve with Wofat. I always suspected something fishy about her – very cleverly done slotting her in as a possible mole to spice up the mystery around Wofat. Mark Dacoscos was brilliant as the evil genius, wow so cold and utterly ruthless in all his scenes but so much fun to watch him because we all know what a wonderful man Mark truly is. James Marsters, I really disliked him so much in season one as Victor Hesse, the man who taunted Steve when he killed Steve’s father and yet, when he had that dreadful fight with Steve in the prison yard, I saw a surprising change in the story when he was the last person I expected to help Steve escape – a surprising twist like Sang Min in Season one. Just when you think you know them all, you get to see a different side to all the characters and I love what the writers are doing for the show, you just never know for sure what you are going to get and I’m constantly, repeatedly surprised by so many turn of events.

    Wow the cold look on Jenna’s face in the end when she was driving away with Wofat…that was brilliantly done. I never liked her character but I knew many did – so happy that my instinct about characters and people never let me down.

    Interesting to see Steve’s father knew more about Wofat not just the investigation about the Governor. That little video clip of Gov. Jamison, John McGarrett and Wofat – wow will be a very interesting back story – I do not believe Steve’s father is a dirty cop but I do believe that he knew far more about Wofat and the Governor than any of us ever thought he would. I always thought that Steve’s father had strong ties to the Governor but never linked him to Wofat – truly thought perhaps Steve’s mom would have more of a history and perhaps we will learn more about what really happened to the missing accident file which is not an accident but a missing homicide file. I was so sure the evidence locker would hold the missing file not a video clip of the Governor’s office.

    Very clevery done in using that evidence to clear Steve’s name. It was soo simple and I just never had a clue that it would turn out so easy to clear Steve’s name. I kept thinking about the taser, we all have been speculating about it…and the gun placed in the wrong hand and the cell phone recording…none of it totallly mattered until they found the video cam hidden in the clock of Gov Jamison’s office.

    As for the new Lt. Governor….oh I like this man. He is going to be a great Governor and even though Steve gets the team reinstated again without the full immunity and means condition applied – I fully believe that the new Gov will be the good guy in this season and he and Steve will butt heads a great deal and will differ in opinion about the line that may or may not be crossed….I think we are in for the fun of our lives this season and I can’t wait to see the rest of the other episodes heading our way.

    As for Kono, feel so sad that she’s not on the team fully exonerated but I believe her story will eventually be resolved…. Let’s hope they find that little old lady witness in contempt of court that will free Kono. I’m sure Chin will be the ever protective cousin for Kono and the team will stand by her no matter what. Steve will not abandon her, eventually they will have her reinstated.

    The issue with Danny and Rachel….I’m sad but not disappointed. It was the only way to get Danny to stay in Hawaii with Grace. Just wished Rachel could have stayed with Danny and not leave Hawaii…but I think their story isn’t over yet.

    As for MaryAnn – truly miss her and want her to come home – can’t wait to have her back in Hawaii and hopefully they will give her a part that will truly make her return worthwhile and I’m sure they will. There is a long list of casting going on for the show and I’m sorry guys but when it comes to People’s Choice – Hawaii Five is still number one for me.

    Now that I have completed my review – I will go back to everyone else’s and respond in kind.

  38. Ladybugz999 says:

    Loved reading what everyone had to say about the episode!
    Now that we know that Jenna is working for WoFat in some capacity, I wonder if when last season she put her chewing gum under the 5-0 computer table, she was really planting a bug for WoFat.

  39. Charlie says:

    Overall, I have to say I loved the season opening. Did not disappoint in some aspects. What that being said, I was a little disappointed how they handled the Danny/Rachel story. To have it resolved in a minute or two, really? Don’t get me wrong I was never a fan of D/R and did not feel they belonged together, but to have them reunite, not to mention add a pregnancy, and then have it just brushed aside like it was nothing. Peter L really missed the boat on this one. Scott Caan is such a great actor. He would have been awesome playing a scene where Rachel tells him she “miscalculated” and the baby is not his after all – Scott would have been magnificent! Emmy-award winning magnificent! Can just see his reaction of anger, hurt, disappointment in hearing that news – Wow! Once again, Peter L missed a great opportunity for some great acting!

    I will say Iove the addition Terry O and Masi. They are really good and will add to an already great cast. I will say I’m NOT looking forward to Lauren German. I have seen her in a few things and I have to say she is not a very good actress, much like Taryn Manning. I am looking forward to seeing Tom Sizemore in the show -I’ve never seen him in bad role, a terrific actor!

    I thought it was a bit lame for McG to recover so quickly from his stabbing injury. I know he is a Navy Seal, but come on, really? Bit of a stretch if you ask me! Not to mention, the policeman’s uniform just fit him so perfectly – LOL!

    Best part was the ending, Jenna K! I was always a bit suspicious of her. Can’t wait to see how that plays out!

    Love this show and looking so forward to the reason of the season!

  40. Staci says:

    Charlie, I agree with you that it was a HUGE mistake by the writers that Scott Caan did not get to play the emotions of Danny being told by Rachel that she “miscalculated” how far along her pregnancy actually is. Scott is an awesome actor & would have done so much with that! Begininng Monday, I am thoroughly dreading Lauren/Lori being in any scene or episode of Hawaii Five-0 for any reason. I’ve seen some of the other things that she has done, awful actresss, absolutely unimpressed. Hopefully, her being around won’t be detrimental to the show, but I think it will be. I also thought that it was pretty lame that McGarrett recovered from his stabbing wound so quickly. Everything in Ep1 of S2 seemed to be on the fast track moreso than usual.

    • Charlie says:

      @Staci, thanks for the response. Yes, I agree it was a BIG mistake by the writers to not write a scene where Danny finds out he is not the father. Scott is a such a good actor and would have been brilliant acting out such an emotionally charged type scene (may be Peter Lenkov needs a reminder who received a Globe Globe nod last season…just saying). BTW, I did send him a tweet expressing such. I know many people, including myself, was not happy with the whole Danny/Rachel “love story” but they could have spent a little more time resolving it. It was as if they couldn’t get rid of the storyline fast enough. I just thought it was handled poorly.

      Also, like you, so not looking forward to Lauren German next episode. I have seen some of her previous work and she is, putting it mildly, NOT a very good actress. The minute I start to see she is every scene and taking away from the other four cast members and their chemistry, especially Steven and Danny, also stealing time from Kono, I’m outta here.

      I am looking forward to seeing Kono and her story. Grace is a good actress and I’m happy to hear she is getting more scene time this season. She certainly deserves it.

      Holding out hope our Fab Four remains intact and there are not too many distractions from their great chemistry.

  41. Tess says:

    Let’s see if any of you, die hard fans from all over the world, can clear this up for me:
    In the begining of ep 23, Five-0 is on a raid to get Wo Fat (finding Sang Ming instead).. and according to Steve, Wo Fat is wanted for terrorist activities and bla bla bla.. the thing is that they had evidence to take him down.
    Why Chin couldn’t arrested him when he saw him at the funeral? Even if they don’t have hard evidence that links Wo Fat to Jameson’s murder.. isn’t the rest enough to at least put him behind bars?
    I don’t get it

    (Sorry if I made some misspelling.. learning English over here!)

  42. Staci says:

    Tess, I don’t have the answer that you seek. The only thing I can thnk of is because, at the time that Chin saw him at the funeral, he wasn’t techinically 5-0, he was HPD & was attended the funeral as such. Don’t know if HPD would’ve known about the evidence that 5-0 had, therefore, maybe Chin didn’t want to enlighten the HPD force in a public place. Surely, the evidence 5-0 has on Wo Fat isn’t just privileged info for them only, but maybe so since Chin didn’t act on it.

    Charlie, I think you had the right idea tweeting Peter about who got the Golden Globe nod from H50. Scott was so totally robbed of that GG win. He deserved that & every other nomination & hopefully win he eventually gets. Peter seems to need to be reminded often about how great the Fab 4 are & to quit messing with the makeup of the H50 team. There only never needs to be the Fab 4. I also hope that there is more to the D/R story & it’s not just dropped like a hot potato or forgotten about. I also don’t or want Grace to be subjected to Danny being a jerk with an endless parade of 1 night stands, girlfriends or endless fliratations. Supposedly, she’s just 8. It needs to be seen that Danny & Rachel struggle with their feelings for each other & the situation they created & the consequences of that for Rachel, Danny, Stan, & Grace. Rachel needs to witness the destruction she’s causing Danny AND Grace & think of someone other than herself. Claire is a wonderful actress as well to potray Rachel. Except for & trying to ingore the character assasination of Danny, I wanted D/R back together but the more I think about it…. a soap is also not what Hawaii Five-0 is. I’m torn with the D/R sitatuion right now & then when you tie that back in to the fact that Steve needs to be part of “family” dynamic not just the team it’s even more hearbreaking.

  43. Dee says:

    Whether you are a fan or not of the D/R there are so many comments either way – but yet they all say the same thing NOT HAPPY…
    I just hope Pater and his gang are (as I said before ) not going the cookie cutter route and will(already have planned??) how they are going to fix this saga. No H50 is not a soap buuuuuutttttttttt
    Maybe Peter is getting just what he wanted- us all worked up while he has so much yet in store for us.???
    I am with officer Bob in the meantime- Bring on Baby! Bring on drama of D/R- it makes everything intresting:-) (even with this”potential love intrest??!!!) Just don’t keep us in limbo too long we may not be able to hold out!

  44. Peanut says:

    Sorry Dee, absolutely no baby for Danny/Rachel! I would love to see Danny with a steady new love interest. I agree with you Staci, I don’t want to see him out of the town, dating every woman that crosses his path, but in a solid relationship with someone who really appreciates him and not just waiting around for the next best offer that comes her way, unlike Rachel. I’m with Lainie, Rachel is too wishy and washy and will never be happy with Danny for any extended time. Also, was she sleeping with both Danny and Stan at the same time? I’m sorry but I’m just not a fan of hers. Danny certainly deserves better than her.

    Sadly, though, even though she has gone back to Stan, I have a feeling she will continue to yank his chain every chance she gets, using poor Gracie to do it.

    Sorry for my rant, I’m just very passionate when it comes to Danny. He is my favorite character and the only reason I continue to tune in!

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