According to Mel: “Ua Lawe Wale” or Hello-Goodbye to the Five-0 Girls?

Giddyup boys... (Photo: CBS)

Meet a new team member, lose two others? I guess its still safe to say that in the second episode this season, things are still a bit hinky.

As always, there is good and there is… not so good. Let us discuss.


— Danny and his zingers of ultimate win – oh Danny, never change, sweetie. Fanboying over Steve’s “cleaning up nice” with his suit? Telling Lori that Steve doesn’t play well with others. Let us not forget the lovely Steve and Danny “your whining could be heard a mile away” while on horse back – because no way is Danny gonna be put on a horse and not bitch. Is that classified as a cargument if on horseback? Saddleument?

— “How long have you two been married?” – Thank you, Lori! Best line of the episode. Period.

— Steve and his Women’s Day mag – Take notes, Smooth Dog.

— Jenna Kaye – Did she rock or what? Making with the mad skillz searching out all the facebook profiles for the kidnapped girl, telling Steve to get off her back AND still doing her nefarious work for her REAL boss man. *insert evil laugh here* She left fast, however. Maybe Wo Fat needs her elsewhere…

— Lori Weston – “Babysitter?!” Okay the look on Steve’s face at that line was priceless and I kinda want to hug Lori for saying it.

–Bruce Davidson – Hey we only saw him for five minutes but he always makes what little he has to work with WIN!

— Steve on horseback – C’mon, what’s not to like about Alex O and his awesome with the stunts? As one who used to teach riding lessons, I can say with all authority, not bad, Alex. I do enjoy seeing how far he can push the envelop with the stunts for Steve McG’s superman status.

— Showcasing other islands – I LOVE that they are branching out to the other islands in the chain. It’s not O’ahu Five-0!


— Making eyes at Lori and the forced ‘Date” talk – Okay, you got a bunch of boys working together, you throw in a stunner like Lori Weston, there are going to be some googoo eyes. Did it have to be so obvious? I mean, Danny making the “she’s cute” comments, not surprising, he said the same about Jenna. But I could have done without the “date’ jokes from Chin and Danny during the coffee stakeout. C’mon show. They work together. Let’s not drown the audience in forced tension, please. If Steve needs a woman, find him one that’s not on his team.

— Under-utilization of Tom Sizemore. After all the hype, I thought he’d be in more scenes.

— There were some clunky lines and scenes that fell flat. The case was engaging enough, and everyone did what they could with what they had to work with, but there were a few times the flow stumbled.

— Kono – So…what? Are we going to lose her too? I know Chin’s big dilemma this season is getting Kono back on the force, but I’d hate to see all of her scenes relegated to standing around being depressed and surfing.

The Verdict: Coming down off the high of the premiere, a B- episode.

This had great action, but feeling out Lori Weston’s character sort of threw off the rhythm. I guess if she’d just come in and the mistrust was there, it would have been better, but the semi-flirting made it look like Steve can’t make up his mind – is he attracted to her or does he mistrust her? Some lines and scenes fell flat where they shouldn’t have and the jury is still out on Lori Weston. German did a good job, but her character has yet to prove herself. I need to see her work with the team more before I make a decision on her merits as a character.

Again, you’ve got great guest characters like Sizemore and Davidson, use them! Its easy to get mad at Kono’s story line or even Jenna’s, but we’re just seeing the tip of their larger stories.  Patience, grasshoppers.

Read my official recap/review HERE


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15 Responses to According to Mel: “Ua Lawe Wale” or Hello-Goodbye to the Five-0 Girls?

  1. Tammy says:

    I for one, am missing the one on one time between Steve and Danny. Last week, in
    the car was the only minute of the two of them together and this week nothing. I’m afraid that the “bromance” is going to be gone the way this season is starting out. Also I thought we’d see a more brooding, partially depressed Danny because of the baby issue. Wonder if when Rachel
    finally does have the baby, what if it’s blond and blue eyed? There would be another twist.

  2. westcosta79 says:

    My question about Kono meeting with IA’s Fryer. I know it’s internal matters therefore the reason why no lawyer is present, but why wasn’t an officers union official present?

  3. zeva says:

    Wow. I feel like I was watching a whole other show. I think this one is going to be one of my all time favorites . I’m sorry, melapaloosa, that you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.
    I absolutely loved the tension b/t Steve and Lori, not only because it was adorable, but because it’s real. Steve fancies himself a playa who can get any woman he wants and she’s certainly aware of her attraction to men.. They get a real buzz off each other until the gov breaks the bad news and here they are juggling hormones, ego, outrage, career goals, and plain old snarkiness. Delicious!
    The same thing holds true with the other guys’ ribbing Steve and their comments about Lori. This is pure guy behavior and men in traditionally male jobs, like police work, are notorious for it. Since I’m not the target, I thought it was cute.
    Thoughts: Could Wo Fat be holding Jenna’s fiance hostage to make her work for him?
    Will Steve and Lori try to use their attractiveness to keep the other under control?

    • melapaloosa says:

      Actually, I DID enjoy the episode. I’m sorry it came off like I didn’t but I have to look at the big picture of the episode, the scenes and how they flow, the character interaction and the story being told as a whole. I will admit, Steve getting caught checking Lori out was pretty funny. But there will always be good points and bad point of an episode, and my goal is to discuss both. Thanks for reading!

  4. Lena van Tol says:

    I agree with Zeva I enjoyed it very much love the looks and the tenison between Steve and Lori and the boys teasing Steve with his date.

    I on;y missed the Ohana where was the rest of the team when Konno was sitting alone in the hallway they better be there for Kono next episode!

  5. Dee says:

    Agree with you Mel. The Steve Lori scenes were downright skeevy. Very uncomfortable and forced. I was cringing. It disgusts me that they had Steve so out of character, trying to make him some horny teenager. I didn’t feel any chemistry between the two, it was all forced and phony. Definitely do NOT want any romance between the two, specifically as they are on the same team. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Not a Lori fan, felt she disrupted the team and the feel of the show and was too cliche. Also, the delivery was wooden, not much emotion or facial expressions, wasn’t impressed. The focus on her reduced Danny and Chin to third wheels and poor Kono was left out in the cold. Where was her ohana? I want the team and action, bromance and carguments, not some forced romance.

    Loved the horsegument and the few Steve_Danny scenes we got. I really like evil Jenna, the character is so much more interesting trying to figure out what she is up to. Grace Park was powerful in the small amount of screen time she got. The raw emotion and fear were palpable. Overall, a pretty forgettable episode, especially after the powerhouse of the premiere. At least the previews for next week look good.

  6. Janet says:

    Great review. I agree with you on the B-grade. I’m still deciding on whether or not I like the Lori Weston character, time will tell. BTW, I’m very pleased to have met you on the 5-0 location tour, you were very kind to me and lent me a nickel when I came up short at Pa’ina Cafe. Thanks again. I’m excited that you are going to be contributing to Officer 808’s fantastic five-0 blog, welcome to our five-0 fan family! I also enjoy reading your reviews on

    • melapaloosa says:

      Wow, thank you! Great to hear from you again! I’m not writing off Lor’is character at all, I think she needs to develop more. I’d like to see her develop without the sexual tension between her and Steve hanging over her. Thanks again!

  7. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Welcome to the blog! Enjoyed your review. I think in a way this episode is a let down after the mania of the last two but it was necessary to set things up to come. Can’t wait for the next one!

  8. Kalli says:

    Great review…I too agree with the B grade. The whole episode felt a little forced like they were trying too hard to introduce a new character. Chemistry? Maybe…maybe the only reason I felt there might be a bit is the “flirty” scenes are probably the ones used for the audition. It’s usually the case. So there’s a comfort level with something you’ve done before.

    I want to like Lori Weston, I think the dynamic of someone to reign in McGarrett is interesting. (hahaha we all know that’s not happening) Especially when she’s female and would that make a difference, but it felt awkward. There were moments where I felt it worked really well and others where the delivery just fell flat. An example would be the married line…you loved it…I thought the line was great…the delivery not so much.

    However, one episode does *not* a character make (I so stole that), so with that in mind I still have to say I enjoyed it and will continue to give Lori Weston the opportunity to develop. I know I’ve been surprised before with other shows and I’m betting this will be no different…least I hope not.

    As for a hook up…I’m betting our fearless writers are not that crazy. It’s simply known in Tinsel Town that it’s a dangerous notion. You may only dangle the carrot you can never deliver. In other words, they can flirt…maybe even *a* date…but that mess is just a mess. A mess to write…a mess to get out of writing…a big fat mess no one watches unless you’re into soaps. They know it…so I have faith.

    Can’t wait for next week!!

    • melapaloosa says:

      “One episode does *not* a character make” – Truer words have yet to be spoken. WORD so very much on this.

      Lori Weston has great potential. I look forward to seeing how she achieves it.

      • Maureen Frazier says:

        I may be crazy, but I think the whole Kono getting fired thing is a smoke screen. I think she is going under cover for IA and is going to be hanging with some dirty cops in the future and spying for Tom Sizemore. At least this beats her getting fired on the say so of an elderly woman with probable vision problems and no other evidence at all

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