Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Season 2 Episode 2, “Ua Lawe Wale”

An episode with a lot of “firsts”!

The first official new team member

Fans were eagerly awaiting this episode all week long.  But it wasn’t  with the same excitement for the season 2 premiere, but more of a nervous trepidation, like going up that long incline of a rollercoaster, the  agonizing pause at the top, and then the long plunge downhill.  You’ll either experience the sudden rush of exhilaration, or you’ll find yourself revisiting your lunch.  The only thing that could cause this kind of commotion in the fandom is the introduction of Officer Lori Weston, the new addition to the Five-0 team.

Danny, Steve and Lori investigate at Waimanalo Beach.  (Photo: CBS)

Danny, Steve and Lori investigate at Waimanalo Beach. (Photo: CBS)

Lieutenant Governor Denning‘s introduction of Lori serves two purposes.  Primarily, the LG feels that the Five-0 team needs to be reigned in after running roughshod over every law on the books under Governor Jameson’s watch.  Secondly, Officer Weston fills in the void recently vacated by Officer Kono Kalakaua who is currently under investigation by HPD’s Internal Affairs.

Personally, I loved Laura German’s portrayal of the character.  Lori’s “cute” (according to Danny), “attractive” (according to Steve), intelligent, experienced and definitely not bashful about expressing herself, especially to McGarrett.  We’ve seen Danny and Steve banter back and forth,  but Lori brings a new dimension to the team dynamic, and with her snide “How long have you two been married?” comment, it seems she’ll fit right into the group.

Officer Weston did everything that a new team member should do in the first go around with an established team.  She followed orders, she supported the team in solving the case, she asserted her value, and she even took down a few of the bad guys herself.  This was a gentle introduction of what she can do for the Five-0 team, and hopefully in the future, we’ll see her drop-kicking and leg-dropping bad guys while having her hands bound (yes,  I still have the image of Kono doing that ingrained in my head from last week).

The “Woman’s Day” magazine dialog, and the mutually admiring glances suggest that there might be just be an under-the-covers operation in Lori’s and Steve’s future, but we’ll have to see what Peter Lenkov has in store (Gah! What’s gonna happen to Lt. Rollins?!?). Alex mentioned in an interview at Sunset on the Beach that “every man” has needs, so we’ll see if we delve deeper into Steve’s personal life.

The first time on another island

I love that Peter Lenkov and crew made good on the promise that they’d start filming on other islands.  It’s no easy task to move an entire production team to film on a neighbor island, but each island is unique from the others.  The sweeping aerial shots caught Lana’I at its finest. Granted, the production team did take some artistic license- the fight at the compound was filmed at a Waialua ranch on O’ahu.

The first appearance of Tom Sizemore

Tom’s first appearance in Five-0 left an impression.  As Captain Fryer, he’s intimidating, overbearing and immediately unlikeable…and Tom is perfect for the part.  Fryer strikes me as someone who is out to do his job, and whether it wins or loses him any friends is irrelevant.

On that note, I’m liking where Kono’s storyline is going.  We’ve finally seeing more vulnerability to her character and Grace Park plays it well.  I don’t think the writers gave Grace a lot of material in season 1, and since it looks like season 2 is a lot about Kono’s career falling apart, we’ll see a lot more of Grace.

The first time in the countryside

I give the writers a standing ovation for trying something completely different.  They take our heroes out of the city for half the episode and drop them on the back roads of Lana’i.  Seeing the Jersey boy, Danny on horseback was quite a sight, despite being privy to the behind the scenes shots floating around for a month.  The gunfight on the ranch was reminiscent of classic westerns, but of course the modern twist to all of this was McGarrett running down a Cessna on horseback.   Only McG can manage to shoot out the tires after dismounting, preventing the plane from taking off.  Of course I think it would have been more epic to have McG jump from the horse, onto the plane, and bring the plane down with the sheer weight of his awesomeness. *Applause*

I think the episode faltered with the “cult” dynamic.  While it was necessary for the story to have an abductor who was not keen on modern medicine, I never had the feeling that there was actually a cult which did cultish things and brainwashed people with promises of alien landings in 2012.

Another weak step of the episode was the sudden departure of Jenna.  We were left thinking that Jenna is in cahoots with Wo Fat, and if she is, I would imagine she’d try to undermine the Five-0 team from within.  But the sudden news that her fiancé may still be alive, and her abrupt departure makes me wonder as to where the writers are going with this storyline.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii, From Hawaii Five-0, “Ua Lawe Wale”.

1)       Everyone keeps a pistol in the entry way table of their house here in Hawaii, in the noisiest drawer.

2)      The Hawaiian Amish cult of Lana’i hates modern medicine.  But loves guns.   And hand made horse drawn buggies.

Did you notice…?

McG was sussed up in a blazer, dress shirt and dress slacks for the LG?  And he was pantsless, well cargo-pantsless, for the entire episode!

The Molokai2Oahu race is a 32 mile stand-up paddleboard race held every July.

The “Maile Alert” for missing children is modeled after the “Amber Alert” system, and named after Maile Gilbert.  Her murder in 1985 led to the creation of the Maile Alert system in Hawaii.

One of the social networking posts on Jen’s wall read “Come on out to Lanikai this weekend.  Free lessons for the keikei!”  Lanikai is a nice, secluded beach in Kailua.  “Keikei” should read “Keiki” which is Hawaiian for “children”.

How badass was Chin on the Harley?

Kono is a graduate of Pi’ikoi High School, home of the Pi’ikoi Kings (referenced on her yearbook Captain Fryer was holding).  The Kings played the fighting Nuts of Kukui High School in S1Ep3, “Malama Ka Aina”.

“Ua lawe wale” is Hawaiian for “taken”, referring to the fact that Lori Weston has taken Kono Kalakaua’s place on the team. 😉

Update: “Jen no ka oi” printed on Jen’s parent’s shirts is Hawaiian for “Jen’s number one”.


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77 Responses to Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Season 2 Episode 2, “Ua Lawe Wale”

  1. Tess says:

    Excellent review, Officer!
    Well, I really liked the episode. Lauren did a great work with Lori.. and let’s face it.. I love seeing Steve flirting! 😉
    I guess that when you have to introduce a main character like her (being now part of the team), you have to do it in a big way.. I’ve read so many negative comments on Twitter… Let’s give them time people! don’t judge so soon.. it’s a long season. Don’t be so close minded about changes… For a show to stay good, it needs to evolve, and the same happens with the characters.
    I repeat: Let’s give them time!
    I also agree that I would’ve liked to see a little more of Grace and Sizemore… They are great actors.

    • Linda Stein says:

      I agree Tess. When things stagnate they die. Change for change sake is not a good thing but evolution is the way of life. I liked Lori too. I think she will keep Steve on his toes and that’s not a bad thing. It’s going to be interesting!

    • Awesomefan says:

      Wise words, Tess! I love the new changes and can’t wait to see how things unfold next week!

    • Val says:

      Thanks officer808 – great review as always. I too think that Lori’s entrance is far more welcoming than Jenna Kaye’s original arrival as part of Five-0!! Unfortunately for Larisa who I’m sure would dearly love to stay on with the show and be part of this amazing group of people to work with – just landed a part that had so much inconsistencies and felt a bit more rushed than what we are seeing now in season 2!!!

      Tho I really like towards the end of the premier seeing Jenna driving off with Wofat – it showed interesting twist to the story as some of us for some time suspected that she might be a likely mole for Wofat so her untimely early departure – surprised me a little but I trust Peter Lenkov’s decision on pulling her out now and maybe plan a really good departing plot that will promise to be really good.

      Just to add to your observation on the filming location for Monday’s episode….it was just breathtaking as always…..just the vastness and beauty of Hawaii is utterly breath taking and I’m not sure what camera lens they used but I couldn’t help notice the richness in color of the sea and the sky and the red clay sand and the lushness of all the green – it was just gorgeous to see.

  2. Linda Stein says:

    Good afternoon Officer. I keep forgetting you’re 6 hours behind me here in Philly. I’ve been waiting for you all day brah. But it was worth the wait. You always know how to make me laugh with your blog. “Of course I think it would have been more epic to have McG jump from the horse, onto the plane, and bring the plane down with the sheer weight of his awesomeness.” ROFLMAO…how do you come up with these things??? Brilliant!

    I thought it was very nice to have an episode open in the old familiar way. It’s been awhile since we’ve opened a show with sun, sand, water, beautiful people on a beautiful beach watching athletic activities out on the waves. A very comfortable way to start a new episode. So, of course, the crime of the week must intrude on this ideal scene. This is Five-0, after all.

    I wasn’t all that impressed with the kidnapping of the paddle board champ by her cult leader grandfather. It was interesting enough and typically convoluted with adoptive parents, a birth mother, cult grandfather, cult extractor, ex-cult member; all to keep us sufficiently confused until Five-0 can sort it all out. But it was, for me, essentially just wallpaper. Just something in the background to add color while we concentrate on what’s really going on in the room.

    No, this episode was all about the introduction of 2 new characters, the first being Officer Lori Weston. Lori arrives on the scene with an alluring walk and appraising gaze at the very hot GQ stud flipping through a Women’s Day magazine outside the Governor’s office. Of course, great detective that he is, Steve couldn’t fail to notice her long legs or her pretty eyes as they did a quick appraisal of each other. I actually enjoyed this little introduction. It was nice to see that Steve can actually flirt a bit. I also like how the writers immediately established a base personality for Lori by having her offer him the sports section of her newspaper because she had already read it. So the first part of the paper she reads is not the fashion section or even the business section, it is the sports section. This woman is no fluff. Later when she tells Steve she was more into phys ed than the sciences in college she further peeked his interest. These two will get along fine… eventually. But being thrust together by the Governor was not to either of their liking and as Lori said, they just have to make the best of it. She wasn’t very happy though when Steve sidelined her with Jen’s parents. He told her she couldn’t expect him to trust her on first meeting the way he trusts the others because they have had his back. But he only knew Jenna for a couple of days when he was handing over the postcards from his father’s toolbox and giving her free reign of his office. The difference is Lori is the Governor’s plant while he met and accepted Jenna on his own. He, obviously, may regret that soon. But on first meeting I have nothing against Lori as a new member of the team. She is extremely intelligent, is not wishy-washy, will definitely stand up to Steve AND she knows her stuff. Her profiling skills, as Chin said, should come in very handy. So good. Let’s see what comes in the next few weeks!

    The other new addition is the new head of Internal Affairs Capt. Vince Fryer. I have to agree with Kono. If I came home and found him in my house looking all appropriately creepy I’d have pulled a gun on him too. He makes it abundantly clear that he will lay down the law. But something struck me as odd. First, in Kono’s apartment after Fryer told Kono “you might want to sit down” we never hear their conversation. When Kono later talks to Chin and says they are going to rule on her case the next day even Chin could tell there was something she wasn’t telling him. And the next day when her official ruling comes down we do not see it until the televised press conference the whole team is watching. Peter Lenkov tweeted a couple of days ago that Kono isn’t going anywhere so what is going on with her? I’m wondering if, in her apartment, Fryer made her an offer; a way to get herself out of the mess she’s in. Go undercover and expose the dirty cop syndicate run by Fryer’s old partner (William Baldwin) Frank Delano. Let everyone think you’re off the force and open for prosecution so it looks like you’ve got nothing to lose by hooking up with his syndicate. He probably gave her 24 hours to decide which is what the meeting the next day was about. She has to decide if she’s going to do it. It’s not a good situation either way. Go along with Fryer and her life will be on the line if she fails. But if it works she gets her badge and her life back. Say no and her career with HPD and Five-0 is over and she may go to prison. Not an easy decision for a young cop to have to make. Whatever is going on with Kono I hope it doesn’t last too long. I read the story arc is supposed to be 5 episodes. That’s 4 more. I don’t know if they are supposed to be consecutive or not. I am looking forward to watching Grace Park showcase her acting abilities but I really want it to be over soon and Kono back where she belongs. In Five-0 HQ! I also think that once Kono is back she and Lori will make one hell of a formidable sisterhood! And I know I’m not the only one that found watching the team looking at the monitor during Fryer’s press conference really tough to watch. Did you get the feeling that Steve just wanted to jump into the middle of it and rescue Kono?

    I still don’t know what to make of Jenna Kaye or Steve’s interaction with her in this episode. She seemed to be right in the thick of the investigation as if nothing happened last week but she was checking out Steve’s profile on the big table. Why? Was she looking for more info to use against him? Was she wistfully considering the man she actually admires? I honestly don’t know. I wasn’t able to get a good look at exactly what she was looking at on that screen. Is her fiancé really alive? Did she ever have a fiancé to begin with? Is WoFat pulling her out for some reason? So many questions. It did seem to me that Steve was suspicious of her when he walked in to HQ. He didn’t fail to notice how quickly she cleared that screen when he walked up. He may not have noticed what was on the screen but her quick actions to clear it did not get past him. When she said she was leaving he didn’t seem too broken up about it. As a matter of fact he seemed to encourage it. That is not the last we will see of Jenna Kaye. I’m just wondering how it will end. Because she WILL end! Will it be WoFat who eliminates yet another of his loose ends? Will it be Steve who takes her out when he discovers her betrayal? Or will she end up an unwilling pawn who gets caught in the cross fire? Could it be that her fiancé IS alive and WoFat has him. Maybe WoFat is forcing her to cooperate under threat of her fiancé’s life. By feeding Five-0 intel on WoFat, she may have been trying to do exactly what Hess tried to do. Get out from under WoFat by having Steve and Five-0 take him down for her. Yes…many many questions!

    Overall, I think the episode went over well even if Steve and Danny were not together as much as I would have liked. As a matter of fact there were several times when I was wondering where Danny even was. I will not be happy if that continues but I also think that because this was Lori’s introduction it was understandable that she get more screen time. We’ll see if it scales back a bit next week. I hope so because Steve and Danny ARE H50!!! However when they were together the bromance seemed quite intact and was very good to see and hear after all the heavy drama of the last couple of episodes.

    Some of my favorite parts:

    I liked the odd little bit from Lori about how the waitress topping off your coffee screws up the “perfect harmony”. I understand completely. I am a person who enjoys a little coffee with my sugar so when the cup is topped off it totally messes up the balance. I hate that!

    It was great to see Chin get involved in a little bromantic banter during the “how’s your date going” scene. Chin pointing out that Steve hadn’t answered Danny’s question and Steve’s reaction were hysterical.

    Lori asking Steve and Danny how long they’ve been married. Funny line even if the writers have already used it once before.

    Danny: Wow..look at you, you clean up nice, babe!

    Danny: I apologize – he lost his manners somewhere between the womb and kindergarten.

    Danny: Let’s see what she looks like when she gets done with Sgt. Slaughter’s Bootcamp.
    Steve: What’s that supposed to mean?
    Danny: Let’s just try not to get the new girl blown up, kidnapped or shot on her first day, that’s all. Can we do that, Stephen?
    Steve: I can’t guarantee that!

    Danny yelling at Steve in the compound to “try not to kill everybody in the compound…one of these hippies may know where Jen is”! ROFLMAO

    Danny hating the idea or riding horses and wanting to use an ATV instead. Steve telling Danny that an ATV would make less noise than his whining!

    Oh yeah….Steve and Danny on horses and Steve going all John Wayne after that plane! Be still my weakening heart! Just how hot was that?!?!?

    So, another enjoyable Five-0. Can’t wait for next week. How do we get the calendar to flip faster?!?!?

    • Val says:

      After the season 2 opener – this was slightly a let down only because of the kidnapping plot yet again…how many of those do we need to see – this episode truly reminded me of some of the episodes from last season and yet it didn’t in anyway spoil the fun of watching all the new people coming into play. I liked Lori’s entrance into the Gov’s office in the black high heels with Steve looking so darn immaculate in that navy blue blazer and all GQ’d up and he even shaved for his morning meeting with the new Lt. Gov. Reading the woman’s mag did not in anyway diminish the sexy appeal that came into view and the cursory glance going back and forth between Lori and Steve – both sizing the other up…proved very interesting and promising.

      Once summoned to the Gov’s office – with both in tow….Steve’s unshakeable air of confidence seemed a little more shaken when he realized just who was sitting on the other side of that desk. This time he’s not going to be able to charm his way out of trouble as he is sooo used to doing in season one. This time he’s not facing a woman who’s heart is going to melt like butter every time he turns up a smile and wants a favor. This time he was smartly dressed than his usual casual look. I kind of like this line from the Lt Gov when he says that when “he gives an order, its not because he likes to listen to himself talk”… that was rather funny though it wouldn’t do for Steve to smirk or smile cos the consequences would be dire and I don’t think it would do for Commander McGarrett to receive a scolding in front of a woman he just met. I think Steve has been spoilt far to easily in season one so Peter Lenkov is definitely going to make things difficult for sure.

      I also couldn’t help notice that Steve seemed to have more of a leadership role on this week’s episode…he certainly made it very clear that he was the one in charge of the team and everyone will follow orders even Danny who he knows will always remind him that he has a partner in Five-0 albeit a difficult one will see just how formidable his partner will be – guess being shanked in prison and stripped of your rank and honor will push Steve to be super careful and super tougher on crime and Wofat will be his number one hit list.

      As for Jenna’s role in this episode – hmmm she really has been taking far too many liberties with all the computer hardware at HQ and I can’t help wonder if she even would find the nerve to search Steve’s office but I have a feeing Linda that he didn’t quite miss the sudden quickness of her changing the magic table screen so quickly when he walked in though his reaction was carefully guarded but he certainly didn’t seem concerned that she was packing up to leave – it almost made me wonder if he really didn’t do a lot more digging into her profile and discover very little intel into her dead fiance. Is Steve suspicious of her? I really hope so because I was a little annoyed that he so readily handed over his father’s secret to a stranger who showed up with his father’s recording – he just made it so easy for her but I couldn’t help think about his comment when he told Danny during interrogation that if you want to catch a shark…u need some bait…could Jenna be bait too?

      One cool thing though – so happy to see the magic table working again. So love it and so much fun to see but the only person I want to see playing with it again is Kono. I realy miss her and whatever is in store for her in the next couple of eps is just going to be so hard on her but let’s hope that this experience will make her think less kindly of HPD and be more understanding to how Chin truly feels about never going back to HPD and that the fine line between HPD and Five-0 is going to make her want to seriously work hard at ridding HPD of corruption – for some reason this awful dark experience could very well make her a top detective and we will surely see more character development from wonderful Grace as we all have been hoping to see.

      There is so much more in store for all of us. I think the fun is just beginning and Peter warned us all that this time things are really going to be tough on Five-0!!! With all the new tough mean looking characters lined up…I truly think we are in for a one heck of a season 2!!

      In conclusion – ladies Steve on a horse riding to the rescue…..who better to top those very exciting few minutes and even though he didn’t dive for the plane I liked that he used accurate shooting to stop the plane from taking off. Steve could easily be the Lone Ranger on that horse…what a fantastic scene to watch. Alex was amazing!!! Oh I missed Joe White’s commanding presence and Kamekona this week but they will be back to thrill us again.

    • YES! About Kono, Fryer and Frank Delano. 100,000 times agree with you. That’s what I was thinking when I watched Billy Baldwin’s interview on The Talk he mentioned a hint about working with Tom Sizemore and Grace Park on a case in Five-0 meaning that maybe Kono will be working for the I.A. on the case of the Dirty Cop storyline that is coming up. Maybe Fryer has given Kono a second chance. And when I noticed that last night when they didn’t show the conversation I knew something was up. Lenkov has twitted just earlier that we’ll be getting a surprise on Kono coming up soon so don’t give your hopes up. Maybe the whole deal with Fryer and the press conference was just a set up to get Delano and send Kono back on the Force.

    • officer808 says:

      Good stuff as always Linda! 🙂 Bottom line was that this episode did introduce the new characters and established arcs for the rest of the season, exactly as you said.

    • Benito says:

      i was thinking the same about kono going undercover to expose the corupted cops in HPD. but i think in this epsiode she had the least screentime.

  3. pinkie says:

    Mahalo for the report Officer 808. I loved Lori Weston and as for Kono… well, she’s not going anywhere. That little kick butt girl is staying right there and she’s going to get out from under IA Fryer’s bar-b-que grill. (He has that name for a reason!)
    Loved seeing McGarrett get a little flustered. He’s not all steel under that muscle. Loved how they panned the camera and matched the way his eyes followed Lori’s form. Yeah, McG… we’ve got your number now! Hahahahaha! Nothing that a shapely pair of legs can’t figure out.
    Oh and what could be more ideal than a cargument? That’s right…. a HORSEGUMENT!!!! That was just poetic!! Danny and Steve bickering back and forth on a couple of saddles as they meandered down the trail. I was in heaven just watching it!
    Loved watching McG go after the bad guy on his “hoss” Talk about macho! *faints*.
    Not worried, he’ll be back in his cargos for the next episode. Not that often he gets to be a cowboy, he might as well dress the part.
    All kinds of new arcs and the beginnings for brand new stories with this episode.
    Just love this show and I thank Peter every day for writing the pilot. Aloha!

    • Val says:

      I agree with you Pinkie. I too am very grateful that Peter Lenkov is the executive producer for the show and that he also found a perfect cast of actors to play the role of the fabulous Five-0’s. I couldn’t imagine missing a day from it., I love this show from day one with all its angst and little teething problems here and there…this show has swept me off my feet.

      Peter Lenkov, Paul Sze you have certainly made every week for me so much more fun and entertaining and I can’t thank you all enough for all the fun we are experiencing watching the show.

    • officer808 says:

      Horsegument! Love it! Thank God they weren’t riding donkeys and bickering. 😉

      • Linda Stein says:

        ROFLMAO…donkeys! Would that be a donkument or an assument??? 😉

      • Kimmer says:

        Although Danny might have been riding a pony, LOL.

      • pinkie says:

        As Linda stated Bob… that would be a donkument or need I say – ass to ass, cheek to cheek… You figure out the rest of it!! Yes… I’m hoping for go carts, merry go rounds and unicycles just so we can come up with new names to call them as they bicker back and forth. I call those two men adorable all the time. I really love our “old married couple”.

  4. melapaloosa says:

    “Your whining could be heard a mile away!” Oh boys, never change. Also, bonus points to McG for going at full gallop and managing a gun at the same time. Not an easy feat, trust me. (don’t ask)

  5. AHA! Waialua Ranch… I thought it looked too big to be the Stables at Koele. Thanks for the tip, updating…

  6. Dee says:

    Enjoyed the horsegument, the Danny-Steve bits, especially the GQ comment and find evil Jenna interesting. Like the character much better with the mystery. I didn’t like the Lori character. She was a cliche from the start, with the passive-aggression toward Steve. I didn’t find her believable, another know it all. Felt the dialog and flirting was forced and uncomfortable. Plus Lori and Steve are going to be working together, so the scenes were very wrong on a professional level. Also, very out of character for Steve. I know they were introducing the Lori character, but Danny and Chin were third wheels and didn’t get enough screen time. Grace Park was exceptional, powerful performance showing Kono’s raw emotion and fear, thought she deserved more air time. Thought it was terrible that her ohana wasn’t there to support her. At least Chin checked in on her. The scenes on Lanai were gorgeous, enjoyed those. Next weeks preview looks great! Looking forward to that one.

    • Jen says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth Dee. This new woman is so cliche. The writers are trying to force a chemistry between she and Steve not is just not there. I can’t believe anyone watching their scenes together can say they have chemistry. It was so forced and unbelieveable, not to mention PAINFUL to watch. IMO, this was the WORST episode tp date. Also, it was if Danny was the third wheel on McG and Lori’s “date”. Scott is such a good actor and deserves better than this by the producers and writers. It is insulting the producers and writers are taking away from Scott and DDK’s screen time for this wannabe sex kitten. Her delivery of her lines was so flat and monotone. Even the rehashed, “How long you two have been married ?” line was just so terrible.

      I will say, fortunately, this show is NOT all about Alex and “riding his hoss”. I am looking forward to seeing Kono and Tom Sizemore in the upcoming weeks, as I think that will be the best storyline of this new season, unless the writers manage to screw up that up to! If so, they will certainly have one less viewer.

      Overall, very disappointed in the episode. Bad acting and bad writing! :(((

      • I was apprehensive about the introduction of Lori, too. And now I am torn. After reading negative comments about Lauren German’s acting, I have to say I thought she did a good job. I thought she was believable as her character, the writers did a good job of writing in the little flirting thing in the Gov’s office, and they both played it well. And her eyes are stunning.

        But it felt like Lori was *in the way* of Steve and Danny. To me, she felt like the third wheel, only a more forceful one always getting between the original two. We didn’t see nearly enough of Danny, or Steve and Danny. And their “horsegument” was even cut short by her married comment. We barely saw Chin, too. (Did anyone notice that we also didn’t see Danny’s tie? Could it be our Jersey boy is slowly turning local?!)

        And, yes, any sort of romantic relationship between Lori and Steve would be way off limits since Steve is technically her boss. So I wonder how they are going to play that…?

    • officer808 says:

      Very good, thoughtful, and fair comments!

  7. hawaiiobsessed says:

    How badass was Chin on the motorcycle indeed!! It was definately a moment! He gave Mcg a run for his money in the oh my! department.
    I really liked Lori. I was apprehensive but I thought she was good.
    Tom Sizemore really made his part. Very unlikeable, hard assed guy. Can’t wait to see how they play this out with Kono.
    Loved them on horseback! Loved seeing Lanai.
    Not going to miss Jenna but am glad it isn’t wrapped up so quickly because we have to have a resolution to her driving Wo Fat!
    What isn’t to like about a new episode of Hawaii Five 0! Miss the team together tho.
    Enjoyed the recap as alwasy Officer! Hope you heal quickly from your reconstructive surgery. ;>)

  8. Jey says:

    Nice blog but I think you are mistaken about one thing. It was not the first time on a different island, they were on a different island (Molokai) last week. Sure, you couldn’t tell they were there (besides the fact that Hawaiian does not fly to/from Molokai but did have an airplane there) but according to the storyline they were not Oahu (the scene where they had to go into the airport locker).

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha! I appreciate you fact checking 😉 The Five-0 team have been on multiple islands…once on Kauai to chase down the tourist serial killer (Palekaiko), once on Molokai to chase down the prison escapee (Lanakila), and Molokai again this past week.

      This was the *first time* however, that the FIve-0 production team sent a filming crew to *film* on another island. Various locations on Oahu were used for Palekaiko and Lanakila to stand in for the neighbor islands.

  9. Tatum says:

    I just don’t like the new girl. She does not fits here! You can’t see that interaction that existed between Steve and Catherine. And what better way to put a woman that is not kind of model and more like everyone else. I don’t get it, why put the new girl instead of Caterine, why left behind that character when they introduced her the last season, it is like just create for createing characters and don’t give them a value. I don’t buy that thing of hiring another person because Alex and Scott were so exhausted, Why do you think about the two actors who plays supernatural. They are the only ones! and they don’t complain or ask for having more actors.

    Anyway. it is hard to see another woman on the show. But, it is not that, it is that she does not have chemistry with the others.

  10. Awesomefan says:

    Aloha Officer 808, I enjoyed your recap and review immensely. Mahalo for the info about the Molokai2Oahu race. Silly me, I thought it was something clever that the writers invented. It looks grueling! Thanks also for your explanation of a Maile Alert.

    As for the sudden departure of Jenna Kaye….. whoa. She is in deep with Wo Fat and waaaaay over head. Boyfriend or not I think she is not long for this earth. I can’t wait for the rest of that story to unfold!

    I love the new characters and storylines. Grace Park was wonderful and I am glad we got to see another side of her character.

  11. Did I get this right the picture in the Lt. Gov’s office in the background is the original Five-0 headquarters?

    I’m glad somebody said something good about Lori I agree with you right there Jason! Just give it time people let it all just pan down she may become a favourite halfway through like what happened on Bones.

  12. Just read the whole review I agree 100% with what you said I liked your opinions and I’m glad you werent part of the 90% of the fans that hated the episode because of Lori.

    I have to agree the cult thing was bland it didn’t really explain much of what it was all about. I’ve seen many other crime and sci-fi shows that have done things with the cult like Bones & Dollhouse but with Five-0 it just didn’t work out well as I thought.

    I loved the shots of Lana’I they did a great job with it and this season they are using the money really well with what CBS and the the Hawaiian Government kudos to everyone who works on the show and CBS. It reminds me a lot of the Australian outback as well

  13. Sammie says:

    Since this episode is more about Lori Weston’s introduction than the case, I’ll say that I liked Lauren German’s performance a lot; it didn’t pull me out of the episode’s action. The gun-grabbing (from the bad guy) at the end was good. That said, Lori simply doesn’t interest me at all. I’ll admit I fast-forwarded through some of the episode (to see Kono!), the first time I’ve ever done so.

    Speaking of female characters – Jenna. This week was anti-climatic and the spoilers for her don’t bode well. I didn’t like the portrayal or the character, but I’m not sure why she has to be evil and the rest of it. A CIA contact for the team was a great idea.

    As for my favorite female character: Grace Park didn’t get much to do season 1, and now it looks like she’s going to get something great with Kono. 🙂 GP’s pulled off some deeply emotional storylines before “H50”, and I’m glad to see she’s finally getting plotlines which fit her ability. The only downside is the lack of screentime.

    The story was fine. I wasn’t expecting another season premiere-type episode (though I liked last year’s “Ohana” a great deal, almost even more than the pilot), but having Bruce Davison in the credits is a dead giveaway as to who the bad guy was. I found it kind of cool and ironic that, in Grace Park’s “Battlestar Galactica”, Davison played a doctor poisoning people who routinely refuse modern medicine for religious reasons – and was outed by the husband to GP’s character.

  14. MyMcG says:

    The actual procedural part of this episode was a bit of a yawner for me. I have to say plot wise, Jenna and her sudden departure was the most interesting this week. I am FINALLY finding Jenna’s character a little bit interesting, given what we know – and don’t know! – about her. And in the midst of all the mystery and questions about who she really is, she’s coming across softer and less irritating. She seemed more feminine, more mellow, more like a real person. Maybe it was the extra blush and lip gloss she had on. Jenna is quite the little actress, huh? Whatever is REALLY going on, she had Steve and everyone eating it up (or did she??). This is making me very anxious!!

    Lori Weston: Before this episode, my head said I was going to keep an open mind and give her a chance, but my heart had already halfway started to dislike her and the possible disruption to the perfection of the 5-0 team (kind of like the way Jenna came in last season and was all awkward and know-it-all irritating in all her scenes). But I have to say, I give her a solid, “Not bad”. I was pleasantly surprised and at least interested to see more. She had her moments of being girly but able to stand up to Steve. What I’m not yet entirely sold on, is whether physically, she’s bad ass enough to keep up with the action of our 5-0’s. She’s so waify and dainty looking, I feel like a strong island breeze could knock her over. They’re trying to portray her as a jock type with her sports pages and phys ed references, but she just doesn’t seem to give off much of an athletic vibe. Bottom line, I have mixed feelings, but that’s already far better than I thought I would like her.

    Having said that… the “How long have you been married line” — that fell flat for me. It’s a great line, yes, so I don’t really mind that they used it again, but the delivery, I don’t know, it felt forced and it made me cringe.

    Chin-Ho: Looks like the reinstatement and the promotion to Lieutenant is suiting our Chin-Ho well, because his character seems more fresh and edgy this season, anybody else agree? The swift and skillful way he disarmed the Wo Fat goons in ep 1 was so cool. And in this ep, it was like his shirt was extra tight and that leather jacket, on his bike?? He was HAWT! I hope they continue to show us more of that kind of Chin-Ho Kelly, because me likey!

    Still, I am ever the McGarrett girl, and I plenty enjoyed Steve in a range of wardrobe options tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I am plenty weak-kneed by his t-shirts and cargoes, but I also enjoyed GQ Steve “sussed up” in a suit sans tie, Cowboy Steve in jeans and Island Steve in an aloha shirt briefly at the end. And was it just me or did Danny seem giddy this episode? He was probably trying extra hard to make a good impression on Lori, since, you know, Steve is not so good with the human interaction.

    Big thing that bugged me: why weren’t any of the 5-0’s at Kono’s hearing? Okay, so maybe the hearing itself was a closed hearing, but they just didn’t really portray a strong sense of support for Kono and what she was going through. Why did they make it look like she was so alone through all of it? Some of the above comments about Kono being ostensibly stripped of her badge as part of a larger IA undercover assignment is intriguing & I love the idea!!

    Little thing that bugged me: When Steve reads off the VIN, he says “Queen” for the letter Q. Why why why would our super SEAL not say “Quebec” for Q, which is the official NATO alphabet designation for Q. The few military friends I have can’t get away from things like that and using the 24-hour clock to tell time even years after they have left the military. For what it’s worth.

    • officer808 says:

      ALOHA! Great take on Lori. You hit something I refrained from mentioning, which is Lori is rather svelt to be a true physical threat. In her defense, she did tell me in my SOTB interview with her that she’s taking MMA, so she might be able to “sell” the physicality of her role. Regarding the hearing..that’s a good question. Perhaps she asked them not to be there, out of embarrassment?

      • Linda Stein says:

        I have to agree guys…Lori is.. how did McG put it…waify and dainty looking.. BUT have you ever looked at Grace in profile? When she turns sideways in a shot she practically disappears. It’s probably just jealousy on my part because my one thigh is larger than Grace’s whole body but she looks paper thin. But she manages to be totally bad ass, and has taken down several baddies with her skill. She managed to take down the last guy with her hands zip tied. So just because Lori doesn’t look it, doesn’t mean she can’t handle the physical stuff.

    • Yes, we will have to believe that these reed-thin women can kick ass.

      However, Lori might have a hard time doing so wearing high heels and pencil skirts! 😉

      • Linda Stein says:

        ROFMAO…I seriously doubt we will be seeing her in that outfit again unless she has another meeting with the Governor! LOL Think of it the same way as Steve in that suit! That won’t be coming back again unless he’s going to something official!

  15. Sam (@sym64) says:

    Thanks Officer for another great ‘Things We Learned’. I’m always looking forward to them.
    I can’t really understand why people are so quick to judge a new character. I really liked her and her introduction was very well done.
    I don’t understand why some thought the ‘flirtation’ was all wrong and felt forced. I don’t see it that way at all, since they didn’t even flirt. I mean come on McGarrett is a guy and neither dead or blind, so of course he checked her out. And her? Well of course she would take a look, wouldn’t you? I mean McGarrett is an attractive man, so sure she would check him out. I think that was neither forced or awkward or anything, I think it was a great little scene and I loved the part with the woman’s magazine and giving him the sports section ‘after’ she read it.
    Really like the new Governor, hope we will keep him. He is LG at the moment, I have no idea if there need to be a new election or whatever, but I hope he is there to stay.
    Completely loved the scene in the coffee-shop. Lori is so right about the coffee. Always hate that when I’m in the States, where I live no one would have the idea to come to your table and fill up your coffee. I mean there are refills, but you get a complete new one, no one is running around with a coffeepot and fills up your cup. That is only messing with a good cup of coffee. Having half a cup of coffee in front of you, maybe even almost cold by now and you get it filled up, now you have lukewarm coffee, yeah right how great is that? Laughed about McG drinking his coffee with milk, so Lori thought real man need to drink it black? LOL
    Loved to see them all back at HQ at the smart table, how much I missed that over the summer. BTW did you see the hilarious deleted scene of Danny at the smart table not able to put the file on the big screen? Wished that stayed in the episode. Showed consistency how Danny despises computer.
    I read a few times on various sites that they felt like Danny was the third wheel. I’m sorry but I didn’t feel like that at all. If someone was the third wheel then Lori was. The team was working great as always, the friendship and banter strong as ever. Yes Steve and Danny didn’t spent that much time together, but that was necessary to introduce the new character. But every scene they were together, they were, well together.
    So there are a few changes in wardrobe? Well Danny without a tie was refreshing, McG was dressing accordingly to his meetings first with the LG and then on the ‘date’, two occasions where you don’t appear in cargoes and t-shirt. And Chin, well what can I say, I loved his look.
    I have to confess I don’t miss Kono. No I don’t want her gone! Just saying that her role was not that interesting in the past, maybe that will change now. But as it is, I don’t miss her with Five-0, but I hope they will resolve the problem in a satisfying way and get her back on the team. I’m pretty sure she will be working on some kind of undercover mission. We’ll see. Tom Sizemore, well can’t say much about his character yet, since we barely saw him. Pretty sure he will bud heads with McG pretty soon.
    About Jenna, guess she will be gone because people just didn’t like her. I thought she was interesting and unusual. I think it was great how Steve was on to her odd behavior and yeah did show more leadership in this episode than in the whole last season. But I think it’s damn time for that. He is a great leader and he didn’t become Lt. Cmdr. for nothing. They should use his experience and let him show his leadership skills way more often. So I liked those scenes and the one with Lori in his office where he told her that he did sideline her. The only thing he could do with a new member he knew nothing about.
    I was very satisfied with this episode character-wise, but I didn’t care much for the crime of the week. But thankfully this ep was not about the crime, well at least in my opinion. The whole kidnapping and especially the cult part was not that good.
    I’m sure this will be a great season and I can’t wait for future episodes. Next week with Joe White again. Love that guy, such a great addition to the cast. Really good for McG to have him around.

    • officer808 says:

      That’s an excellent and fair wrap up 🙂 As a guy, I felt that whole Woman’s Day scene came across perfectly and naturally. It doesn’t get any more real than that. Good point on the coffee scene… she’s a witty one! Re: wardrobe…I wasn’t a big fan of Lori’s top at the beginning, and I was boggled by the choice of shirt McG was wearing at the end. Chin looked strong in his riding clothes.

    • Linda Stein says:

      I totally agree. I do not understand people saying that Steve checking out Lori is “out of character”. How is it out of character? When did they ever establish that Steve does not like women?? Yes he is single minded in his duty. Yes he is totally loyal to his team. Yes he is relentless to the point of distraction when he is working a case. But, when did they ever show that he wouldn’t check out a beautiful, well built female who wonders into his line of sight? Excuse me? He is a red blooded heterosexual male. If he DIDN’T look I’d be checking him for a pulse!!!

      AND having said that…of course she checked HIM out! Have these people been reading ANYTHING we women have been writing for the LAST YEAR! The man is hot hot hot. If she didn’t check him out SHE’S INSANE! I have a gay friend, an old school friend from way back and she loves H50. She loves Grace for obviously reasons but she’s totally in love with Steve. She has said to me numerous times… “If I wasn’t gay….” I’ll leave the rest of what she says for you to figure out. So NO it was not out of character for either of them AT ALL!!!!!

      • One of the reasons I kind of liked Lori was that she checked Steve out. Seems odd to me in the show that more of the primary (as opposed to background) women characters aren’t looking him over.

        However, for me anyway, the reason I was surprised to see Steve checking her out was… his character never does that. There were multiple scenes in Season 1 where background women were running their eyes all over McG and… nothing from him. Not a smirk, glance, or eyebrow raise. Suddenly, in the Gov’s office, all of a sudden, he wakes up?

        I liked how they both played it, but it was the inconsistency of his character that threw me a bit.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Miz…the only time it actually happened on camera (if I am remembering it correctly) was in that bar when Danny pointed out that “2 very attractive girls are eye humping you…respectfully..and nothing? Should I check for a pulse??”

        But that was the day after he had just spent a hot and heavy ALL night with Catherine. They never made it to dinner and also never made it to breakfast. If he had been checking out other women the very day he would have been a total jerk and NOT very likeable as a character.

        I think playing it this way is much more agreeable. Catherine hasn’t been around for months and all he did was check out her legs and peek over the newspaper. He is a MAN after all!!!

      • Oooh–good point about the post-Cath bar scene, Linda. I had forgotten that. I was also thinking about the Ferrari car scene, where Danny is into the girls but McG isn’t (although that could be explained away because they were undercover & on their way to an event).

        So, I suppose, this was fine after all. Although I still found it startling. But I do have to say they both played it well.

        Just wish that the episode had been stronger overall. Will be so interesting to see how all the plotlines work their way out…

      • Linda Stein says:

        Oh yeah…I had forgotten about the Ferrari car scene but you are right. They were on a tight time line with Kono undercover and Chin running surveillance. It’s not that Steve didn’t look interested..he gave Danny a very sly grin that said to me “ha..those girls are check us out bro…cool eh?” but they simply did not have the time.

        There is a deleted scene on the Season 1 DVD where Danny and Steve take the Marquis out for a 2nd time and it breaks down in the exact same spot as when we see it happen in the episode. While Danny is ranting about the “piece of junk” a very hot chick in very little clothes pulls up and stops to help. Seems her dad owns a garage and she knows all about cars and with a flick of one little thing under the hood she get the car to start. She is full on coming on to Steve and he is enjoying flirting right back. When he asks how he can thank her she says “take me out to dinner” and writes her phone number into the dust in the Marq’s hood. Very cute scene. Too bad they didn’t keep it in because it would show that Steve DOES indeed flirt and check girls out.

  16. Cécile says:

    Once again, I agree with you Officer : great to see other parts of Hawaii, badass Chin (when I saw him with the goggles and the jacket, I smiled at the thought of you future comment ^^), nice introduction of characters.
    I rather liked Lori Weston, I thought she had good chemistry with Steve, and she worked well with the group. Like someone said above, so far so good.

    That said, there are a few inconsistencies in the characters here, specially in Steve : not trusting Lori (which I understand) but he trusted Jenna pretty quickly (which I never understood), letting her using the HQ on her own after a few days…I know there is an important emotional factor with Jenna, but still, isn’t he supposed to be the super trained professionnal of the group ?

    Something else about Jenna : Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the LG lets her work with the team on official cases ? So far, she’d only been helping when Wo Fat was concerned, but in Ua Lawe Wale, she actually worked on the case. Why would the LG let a CIA analysist on leave do that ?

    • officer808 says:

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying Lori 🙂

      Hmm…I think McG’s distrust of Jenna was 10x worse. He challenged her jurisdiction, demanded his father’s tape recorder, and practically kicked her out of his office. I think both women went through the same thing, but my recollection was that Jenna had it harder.

      McG is ultimately in charge, he doesn’t report to the Gov on a regular basis, I do’nt think it’s too far out of the realm of possibility for a CIA analyst to contribute.

  17. Cécile says:

    Ok, LG made his point, but Steve’s still the boss. Makes sense 🙂

    It feels like it lasted 10 seconds with Jenna… Or maybe the last revelations about Jenna (though we’d been suspected it, and I never quite warmed up to her !) made me want the team be more suspicious about her !

  18. five0boy says:

    it was fun to see steve reading that magazine – i came up with sooo many comments to make to him had i been sitting there — lol — whats up brah, looking for new recipies? totally fun- the eye contact and going up her legs and sexting her with his eyes! score one for us boyz- the dudes definetly got taste. lori was hot and i love a strong female charachter- well, it just makes me all warm inside. my initial reaction although unfair to them was – this isnt as exciting as last week was- then as i calmed down i really started to enjoy it – i loved the 2 new charachters and im quite confused whats up on the jenna angle. since reading the spoiler posted yesterday now i know whats going to happen in episode twn , but how ? is Anton Hess her finacee? is it a vengence thing against steve? steve seems to be her focal point as witnessed by her glaring at his docie on the magic table. there is deep emotion tied to it. look for a gun or two to be pointed in his direction in episode ten. its gonna be awesome! i was a jenna fan from day one and never expected it to end this way but better out with a bang then to drag a so so charachter along for the ride i guess. heres hoping steve gets himself some booty wether lori or catherine or both at once! the man deserves it and yes “a man has his needs”. what better two charachters to satisfy those needs than catherine and lori. danno can only supply so much love – sorry i digress– great write up officer u da bomb

  19. Dee says:

    WOW First I am surprised there is another “DEE” here – hello!!!
    Overall I have to agree with much what has been said so I’ll simple restate what was said in first post….
    Let’s hold on for a few episodes before we trash story arcs. After this episode , I feel like Peter and His crew are setting parameters-putting characters and story arcs in play(not that he won’t pull them all out from under the rug on us later!) These “parameters” will take another episode or two IMHO- I am nervous to how some things are going to play out but I am trying to keep the faith!!!
    Things I “missed” in this episode was more Danny and Steve. Yet I totally understand not everything can be fit into one episode- and the primary reason for this episode was to put Lori in action.
    However I think it would of been FANTASTIC if Steve and Danny “roped” the plane and took it down! Now that is entertainment!!!! But then Steve wouldn’t of been able to “show off” to his new “partner”!
    DEf agree Kono is going deep undercover- and very excited to see how that all plays out!

    • mntngrl says:

      I think Lori adds an interesting element. I’m very critical of bad acting and writing but I thought she and Steve played off each other well – it didn’t seem forced to me. I see some intriguing story arc potential for Lori, Kono and Jenna. The writers have enough sense to stay with the basics we love while adding some diversity.

  20. Sandra says:

    Two things:
    1. I did notice Steve was in dress pants for half the show..i thought he;s gotta have 2 minutes to change into his default cargo pants outfit..c’mon..then jeans…I’m like..dude, where’s the cargo pants???

    2. Apparently it’s just me…but when Steve took off after the plan on horseback..i thought ” and there it is, Hawaii Five-0 just jumped the shark”…seriously??…shooting at a plane while horseback riding..give me a break…he’s a Navy seal!!!.this is too much….

    I’d give it an 7.5/10 although I never laughed so much in my life then when i saw him ride out on the horse to try to beat the plane!!! Seriously?

    • Sandra says:

      Yeah and what was with that shirt Steve wore at the end? I said he doesn’t wear shirts like that…that’s a Chin thing… that was funny.

  21. JerryMoose says:

    Thanks Officer and all the other great posters here!!! I have watched since eppy 1 and have really enjoyed the re-take on the old series. I will definitely be reading and posting in the future…the 5-0 info here is awesome :->

  22. Staci says:

    Looks like I am in the minority here. I absolutely HATED Lori. Stiff, boring, montone, very unbeliveable actress & another know-it-all Horrible writing, & acting by Alex, Scott & Daniel just didn’t feel right either. It was all very cliched & forced. Danny & Chin were both 3rd wheels in this episode. Just like Danny/Scott was in last season’s P.Diddy episode. Which absolutely,horrendously wrong!! I don’t care what the reason is. Danny/Scott does not deserve that treament, neither does Daniel/Chin. Grace/Kono is a different story at the moment & not getting that same treatment because she does have her story away from 5-0. I also don’t need another episode to see the Lori wannabe. I’ve seen Lauren’s other works. Not impressed nor could I stay awake to finish them once i started them. I’m also thrilled that Jenna is gone for now, can’t wait til it’s permanent, & when she comes back I hope she takes Lori with her & both of them are never to be seen or heard from again. But, I hope (& I know I’ll be disappointed because that”s what Peter does as far as i’m concerned).that Lori is gone before Jenna comes back. Thank God, I have my season 1 DVD. I’ve watched all of last seasons episodes except for the P. Diddy one ad nauseum on DVR. Haven’t done that with either epi of Season 2 so far nor do i even want to, once is more than enough. I can’t make up my mind if I even want watch the show next week. So far I can’t stand this season & I loved season 1 except for Jenna. The only good things I liked Monday night & there were precious few of them-Chin on a motorcycle again, the very few one-liners that Danny had, minus the ones pertainning to Lori, & the scenery of another island & Chin checking on Kono. At least he thought to, which is more than I can say for Danny & Steve.

    • Linda Stein says:

      Staci: I’m really sorry you feel that way. I understand how much we all love our show and how attached we have all become to the old familiar demographic. Change is never an easy thing. Some people are able to accept it more easily than others. Those that can will continue to watch the show and enjoy it even when they don’t always agree with everything that is going on. Those that want the show to remain unchanged and can not accept that things change, well, perhaps it would be better if they watched something else.

    • Peanut says:

      Well said Staci, 100% agreement with you! You and I are definitely on the same page. Scott is the best actor on the show and to be relegated as the third wheel is simply uncalled for and disrespectful of his talent. We may be in the minority here, but overall across the blogs and facebook pages, we are not. Majority of people highly dislike this new ridiculous character. I know Plenkov and CBS are getting an earful – LOL! One bright spot, though, I can remember when Jenna was first introduced and the backlash that created, this is far worse, so hopefully Lori makes as quick as an exit as Jenna. Also, the upheaval by fans over Danny, Rachel and baby – producer and writers couldn’t get rid of that storyline fast enough, just like it never happened. So hang in there, there is hope :)))

  23. pinkie says:

    I know there were a lot of comments about Lauren’s character on this blog as well as many others. Mostly made off the cuff and quite frankly out of jealousy. Hey I’m jealous I don’t look like her and that I don’t get to play opposite someone that looks like Alex but that’s just life. I’ve got a great family and a nifty little dog and a wide screen TV so my life’s no all bad.
    If you really really watched the show and paid close attention to the scenario, you would have noticed that she was wearing heels and a pencil thin skirt because she was supposed to be having a meeting with the Governor of Hawaii… did you expect her to wear a mumu or cargo pants and a t shirt, or maybe perhaps camouflage? She was dressed quite conservatively. You make it sound like she was ready to stand on a street corner.

    Lori Weston had no idea that she was going to be working under Steve McGarrett and didn’t even know who he was when the governor asked her “What are you still doing here?”. She had to report to work then and there.

    Same goes for their flirtation in the lobby. Neither one of them knew who the other one was. So there was nothing unprofessional or inappropriate about it. Just two young good looking people admiring one another and making introductions. It was a done very tastefully and the exchange was just adorable.

    Quite frankly, I’m a little tired of the Lauren bashing. She is a professional actress who happened to earn the part after auditioning for a role that she earned. Let’s not make it a personal thing. would it be different if she were plain looking. Dislike her if you must, be jealous if you want to be but she’s a human being and deserves the respect and admiration of Hawaii 5-0 fans.

    • Sam (@sym64) says:

      Well said! Thank you, couldn’t agree more.
      Don’t judge after ONE episode, she did a good job and so did the others.
      And quite frankly, if you don’t like, don’t watch. Simple as that. But don’t bash in on an actor or a great series just because you don’t like one character. That’s just wrong!

      • Lainey says:

        Well Said Staci & Peanut. By the way, Jealousy has nothing to do with the dislike of the addition of the Lori character. I was just flat out extremely disappointed in Monday’s episode. Had nothing to do with new characters, yada, yada……….the plot & the delivery- sucked! I’m still trying to get to know the original characters-which were severely lacking screen time, other than McG…. and trust me, I could watch Alex O on screen all day & night, don’t care who’s with him ……just give me a chance to know the “Fab 4” before springing another one in on the mix! The magnificent scenery was the only interesting piece besides Kono’s up & coming story line. I just wanted to give her a big, ole’ hug! The whole Steve/Lori “love/hate” connection is another “handsome man meets gorgeous female so let’s get them into bed as fast as we can ’cause sex sells….or maybe not—- let them flirt and make people wonder if it will ever happen between them.” Like many have said on other posts, I can watch any number of other shows if I need that kind of fix. I didn’t think it was funny, cute, adorable, etc…… simply does not fit with this show- at least not for me!! Nothing against Lauren I’m sure she did her best considering the script she had to work with……..Actually, I had never heard of her until 5-0.
        I am excited to see the up & coming guest stars, especially the cross-over episode. I hope we get more of our favorite four the rest of the season……I really missed them with the last episode.
        Oh….and to all of you who suggest to those who don’t like this change stop watching?…..ratings take a nose dive then guess what? Our beloved Five-O is gone………be careful what you wish for!

  24. Mary Jane says:

    I found this episode a bit of an anticlimax but I think that’s just because we’ve been spoiled with the high octane drama of the previous 3 episodes. The DVD reassures me that the writers, directors, etc, see the characters and their relationships as really important, particularly Steve and Danny and I trust that will continue. I share some reservations about Lori but feel it is too early to make a judgement.
    I like the idea of Kono having an undercover role; that would be a great storyline.

  25. westcosta79 says:

    My prediction for Lori’s future: BTW, I thought she is a great character and she was played very well by Lauren German. However, I believe that her character will be of a “secondary” nature in the future. I don’t see her being part of the “primary” cast.

    Why do I say that? If you recall, once Lori walked into the LG’s office, the Governor-Pro-Tempore mentioned that Lori probably thought that she was to be assigned Laura Hills’ (Kelly Hu) old job as public safety advisor. Instead, she was assigned to 5-0. Once Kono gets reinstated, I fully expect to see Lori reassigned to the job she interviewed for: as the Governor’s right-hand-(wo)man for public safety.

  26. Peanut says:

    Well said Lainey. Like you, jealousy has nothing to do with it for me either. Matter of fact, Alex is my least favorite actor on the show. I only watch the show for Scott and I can’t wait to see him with Autumn Reeser, because at least she is not on the 5-0 team. I don’t mind Alex having a love interest, as long as is not with “his employee”. I did like Catherine and thought they made a good couple and had no problem with them. This whole “will they, won’t they” scenario is so ridiculous! Like no one has seen that storyline a thousand times before – LOL! Oh yeah! how many shows have been ruined by that storyline! Let McG screw whoever he wants, as long as she is not on the team and they are not making goo-goo eyes at each other like they were in the Governor’s office – barf!

    Also great advice Lainey, “Be careful what you wish for” !! They might want to take that advice.

    • Linda Stein says:

      You know what, Peanut…I do not disagree with you. I don’t like those “will they, won’t they” story lines either. It’s just too soap opera for me and ALWAYS once they do get together the show is doomed. So I also really hope that is not in the future. But, for me, the key word IS future.

      Character profiles that start on paper almost never are fully fleshed out into the character that eventually ends up on screen. It really is a shame that those early ideas get out into fandom because they cause such an uproar or disappointment when it turns out the character isn’t what was originally reported.

      When they were going to introduce a new character last season it was going to be an ex-SEAL, friend of McGarrett’s who had once saved Steve’s life and still had a bullet lodged near his spine as a result. That character never materialized. Then the new character became Jenna and she was also billed as a “potential” love interest for Steve. THAT also never materialized.

      Again, with the Lori character, that word “potential” was thrown into the mix when the character was first reported. I think the writers and Peter are trying not to make the same mistakes as before. Fans were up in arms over the Danny/Rachel hookup in the finale because it seems to happen so fast, almost out of the blue. I have no idea, of course, I’m just guessing that TPTB do not want that to happen again. I think, like Jenna, they are going to see how Lori fits into the team, see how the chemistry works between her and the team and between her and Steve. There may be more “eyes” over the next few weeks/months but I honestly don’t think they are going to have them jumping into bed any time soon.

      First off, the character may not click with the team. Or she may not click with a majority of the fans. Jenna is gone, probably for that reason. If that is the case all the “eyes’ will be innocent flirtation and nothing with come of it. But, if they do decide to make them a couple those weeks/months will be the set up so that it doesn’t seem so abrupt, as the Danny/Rachel hook up did. I think they are just hedging their bets either way.

      But, again, I do agree, I hope it doesn’t happen, at least not in that way. I would LOVE to see Steve happy, like he always seemed to be when Catherine was around. And, like you said, if they make Lori like Catherine I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Maybe Westcoast79 is right and Lori ends up in Laura Hill’s job. Then they will not be working together day in and day out. Then I think it might be fun to see them hook up. Like Danny and his new “interest” it would be away from the office.

      Peter has said he enjoys this aspect of the re-boot, something the original never did, seeing what their private lives are like. I think if it is done as a private thing, not an office thing, Lori/Steve could be just as much fun as Catherine/Steve were. But either way, I still LOVE Five-0 and I won’t ever abandon it! I may not like certain aspects if they go in directions I’d rather they not but I’m in for the long haul. I managed to survive Nickie and Paulo on LOST, after all. I can survive anything LOL 😉

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