Malasadas:  Danno walked into McG’s house with a bag full of scrumptious malasadas (102, “Ohana”).  Like they talked about, they’re basically doughnut balls, deep fried and coated with sugar, sugar and more sugar.  I’m not gonna lie to you.  It tastes good!  This desert was brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants.  The best malasadas come from Leonard’s Bakery, on Kapahulu Avenue, right outside of Waikiki.

Shave Ice:  (101, “Pilot”, 106, “Ho`apono”)  Otherwise known as snow cones on the mainland.  Since Hawaii generally don’t experience snow on a regular basis, this treat was named for exactly what it is, ice shaved from a big block.  Locals mix up the traditional flavors, but can also add extra toppings, such as li-hing powder, a tart Chinese spice.


3 Responses to Food

  1. Steve says:

    In an episode, Danny mentioned to Steve that he would buy him some kind of take out. Chinese food or something, what was the name of the place?

  2. You know someone is from mainland when they say “shaved” ice 🙂

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