Being Hawaiian

What does it mean to be “Hawaiian”.  Terrorist Anton Hesse, questions McGarrett in the Pilot, “Funny, you don’t look Hawaiian…” which is an assumption that many people make.  Specifically, one from Hawaii is indeed Hawaiian by virtue of where they are from, but *not* by virtue of ethnicity.  The Hawaiian people were indigenous to these islands, but their numbers have slowly decreased due to the introduction of western diseases, and the intermingling of various ethnic populations.  These are the Kānaka maoli, who are ethnically Hawaiian.  Chin Ho has mentioned Kamaʻāina, which literally means “child of the land”, and has come to mean anyone else born and raised in Hawaii, or a long time resident, but not necessarily ethnic Hawaiians.  And as we all know, haole means “foreigner”, or specifically a white person.  A very small minority of people will argue that the word is derogatory, but the general population will disagree.


One Response to Being Hawaiian

  1. Hawaiian culture is like no other I found. Even the cemeteries are unique. Across from the entrance to Diamond Head Crater is Diamond Head Memorial Park. We found Kam Fong’s resting place. He played Chin Ho Kelly in the original series. Here is a link to our post and video on the cemetery and his unusual headstone.

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